Monday, 14 April 2014

Repetto and Frou Frou

 This year I am trying to establish a theme for the Floras I make for the Mothers Day Craft Fair.
Dream: Repetto.
At the Embroiderers' Guild.
I am imagining I am creating frippery for a ballet and Repetto's made the slippers.
I've made the frou frou.
 Oh, I have also ordered in the buffet snacks.
 Here's Repetto in the Marais.
The light was the loveliest.
 Here's some one-of-a-kind hand-made Flora corsages.

 Repetto's only the left.


How's your Easter plans?
Must get the lilies and the eggs, very soon.
 I have a gluten free Easter cake workshop coming up with T from the chalkface.
I am excited.
Stay enthused.


  1. A visit to Flora's - pretty things and clever words - oh how lovely!


    1. Kimmie, nice to hear from you. Hoping your Heartpoet continues to get better. :/ xxx

  2. Beautiful work Flora, as usual. I have a Repetto tote and Mary Janes on my 'one day' list...*sigh*... Lindt White Choc Freckles in pearl cellophane on our Easter list. Can't wait to see more Mothers Day

    1. I'm off right now to find that Lindt!!!
      Thank you for your enthusiasm.
      You're not going to believe it...I have the Mary Janes. Separated at birth, I tell you.

    2. Indeed ;-) They're not in my size by any chance.....

  3. luff galeries lafayette.
    am heading that way in june- stay tuned x

    1. Cilla! That's something fabulous to look forward to...not so much Galeries, but PARIS!!!

  4. So these shoes and your corsages too!! So pretty and elegant with a lot of fun too!! I hope you have a great week doll Xx

  5. Those corsages are beautiful! As are those ballet flats! :)

    Hope you have a fun time at the craft expo! :)

    Away From Blue

  6. You can't go wrong with pink & black! It's such a pretty color combination. Love the mix in fabrics. Repetto shoes are the best.

  7. They are all so pretty!!!!

    SSG xxx

  8. Thank you so much for your comment darling, it made me smile and I'm always happy when you leave one! Do you live in Paris? (the shop at Le Marais). I actually went to Repetto when I was there, looove their ballerines (I had some pairs but not anymore). The pink ones are really perfect! Those corsages are also really nice, you're so talented (and I'm sure I said that before :p). About those gluten free choclate eggs though... I like my chocolate unhealthy hahah :) - but of course I don't know if you're gluten intolerant or something.
    Kisses and Happy Easter!

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