Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thermal Blanket and Food and Craft Fair

 It's always a good day when Vogue comes to town.
But, frankly, this month's edition has rattled me.
A see-through mesh number (as above) around $1200 AUS.
Please, people.
Our Kylie on the front. Always good to see, though.
 And, four words: thermal blanket fashion trends.
 I'm flummoxed and I am Vogue enough to say so.
 Look below: here's a thermal blanket cape.
Don't wear it out in Queensland's summer.
You'll bake.
The two week term break's been lovely.
We've been relaxing.
Probably a bit too much of the latter, and now I've had to combine two posts into one
because Mr Fascinata came up the stairs today and queried, 'What's
going on, aren't you blogging anymore?'
There's a sign.
 Eating and Sleeping.
Panna Cotta.


 Set up a few Easter vignettes.
Eaten them.
 A Restaurant or two in our own backyard.

 Scallops + Lemon + Garlic

 Roast Pork.
 Morning Tea with T.

 Prepared this polka dotted tulle to fashion a few floras for the Guild's Mothers Day Fair today.
 Easter cake making with T2.

 It's a chocolate flavoured Simmnel cake.

 Here's T2's Easter bunnies.
Tiny and adorable.

 We had a very Happy Easter.
Thank you.
 And today, was the Embroiderers' Guild Mothers Day Craft Fair.

Stay busy.
And away from thermal coats if you can help it.


  1. Totes gonna commission you to make me a hat if I ever get invited to a schmancy marquee at the races.
    Which I probably will never, but still.
    What a lovely cake, almost too good to eat. ALMOST.

  2. These photos look amazing doll, love the cake, yessss!! The pieces for the craft fair are marvellous, love the colour behind the dots and black, stunning!! I hope you have a magical week doll Xxx

  3. Hello Flora,
    you did it so good! Everything looks so very tasty! Yummi!

  4. Scallops on the shell - I'm in heaven. And yes i will stay away from thermal coats, I do think those whole sculptural trend is very unflattering and can only be worn by giraffes. Love Kylie, she's enduring - how old is she now?

  5. welcome back flora. missed you doll. your easter treats looked so delightful. glad you had a nice break. thermal fashion gets a big NO from me too. hahahaha

  6. Hello Flora,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on our blog, through which we have now found you! We are followers!

    If we could produce food such as this, then we should never leave the house for a restaurant again. It looks absolutely delicious and wonderfully professional in its presentation. Perfect.....if only we lived closer!

    And, although the food looks divine, your hats look fabulous. So much more chic and stylish than wearing a crumpled roll of tinfoil!

  7. Oooh the food, especially that Easter cake, looks delicious! :) Hope that you had a good time at the fair, you had so many cute pieces to sell! :)

    And yes I don't get that vogue editorial at all - very strange, but fashion often is, haha!

    Away From Blue

  8. Mouthwatering. The scallops, the pork, the cake and the Flora pretties! Lovely work, as always...