Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Say: Bee-Cart + Colour and Movement

 I won't be lying if I say, 'I have had a fair bit on'.
I'm trying to work out which of these Winter Racing Carnival events I could go to; while still
holding down a day-job.
The drama.
I think it'll be one out of the four.
 I've been to Melbourne to a Billecart Ten Cuvees Intimate Dinner with one of the two
Directors of Billecart Champagne, Mr Antoine Roland Billecart.
Who would have thought?
 And with wine writer Tyson Stelzer
Held at Vue Du Monde.
Level 55, in the Rialto building.

(The kind staff have to be observant enough to press the buttons to engage the
lift to Level 55, if you are wondering where #55 is). 
Both are very down to earth gentlemen, with an excellent sense of humour.
Tyson has released this lovely Champagne guide.
I now know how to say Billecart, pronounced bee-cart...ignore the l's.
Although, much to my consternation Mr Billecart was two elbows away and no-one else had
their cameras out snapping away, so I chickened out of taking food selfies.
Sorry to disappoint.
Just the menu will have to do, although there's one shot of flower petals and leaves:

You then had to do as you were told and blend your own ice-cream through the desiccated matter.
The sheer frippery.
The room was also fashionably as black as pitch.
The doors had no handles, and I had to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find my way
back through the restaurant's maze and back into the function room.
The view was worth it, though.

Back to more important issues; I've also had incoming correspondence from the Guild.
The Mothers Day Craft Fair is back on.
Scheduled for 27 April between 8am - 12 noon.
You've been warned before to 'get in early'.

It also took me days to get the house ready for the nieces to mind
the dog-of-the-year and the house-muse while we were in Melbourne.
It's amazing how much you start thinking about what could be unearthed
if it's not clean and presentable. Not that they would even notice.
 We left the dog-of-the-year looking forlorn.
Easier for some; I realise.
One of my ears is listening the 7.30 Report.
Lawyer and supporter of tax reform Louise McBride is talking about how there must be more
tax concessions for child-care and nannies cost.
She's right, surely. Or is there something I have missed?
I mean, isn't good, affordable child-care key?

 The Melbourne get-away came at a good time.
One of the powers that be at the chalkface had deemed it a 'good idea'
to hold our annual multi-cultural food fair on the last day
of the term. During the last week, I was caught up in all
sorts of preparatory frippery.
As was everyone.


 I staggered home most nights and ate a cheese platter.
If the dogs didn't get it first.




 We don't do things by halves.
This fete comes out of the wood-work, run on a shoe-string budget.
It's a silk-purse made out of a sow's ear.
It probably is one of my favourite days.

 These stunning silk cloths are for wrapping Japanese food.
They were display purposes only.

 Silk gowned Koreans.

Here's some Melbourne highlights:
Room art.
Scant wardrobe.
I can never seem to pack the right things.
Mr Fascinata excels.
A view towards the Paris-end of Collins Street.

My $12 shoes from Big W.
Probably still available.
Good for walking and kind to my early stage bunion development.

A pink French Martini.
Must Google how-to.
Plumed horses.
Found MoVida Nextdoor.

Ubiquitous Melbourne graffiti.
Hosier Lane.
 I also got to have lunch with Dr. Cilla from the thoughtful blog: Cilosophy
Amongst a bit of less important frippery we talked about her research projects based on medicine,
health and weight management. She is truly someone I admire.
I am hoping that if she has time in the future, she might take some questions from
the workers at the chalkface when we write our Senior writing tasks.
No pressure, Cilla!

Stay hard-working and if you are going to have a glass of French bubbles,
might as well make it Bee-cart.
 And, don't forget the Craft Fair.



  1. Ah Flora. You truly are a woman of many talents and passions, and friends with influence too, I see! My most exciting outing in the last fortnight has been to the Maroochydore Library to speak to the Luvvies in Lycra about managing their kitchen and pantry like a real chef (By invitation! I know, I're fainting with jealousy...). It hardly compares to lunch with the Bee-Cart folk. Although a glass of Bee-Cart might have got me through the experience with a smile on my dial! Sheesh...those gals in stretchy stuff are scarey! Can't wait to catch up! I hope Dog of the Year

  2. This looks ever so amazing, love all these pictures. Lots going on indeed, but makes life more fun to go out and do different things!! Precious dog, that face - 'don't leave me' sweet!! I hope your week is grand doll Xxx

  3. Flora, you have A LOT going on in your life! HaHaHa But it all seems like awesome fun. Enjoy it all! That's what LIFE is all about.

  4. Thankyou for making me sound far more impressive than I actually am. x

    1. Smart, kind and beautiful. What's not to like! :D