Saturday, 3 May 2014

Flora: Life Cycle

 In a parallel universe I am not a creative type.
I go to work accordingly.
But do no more.
I vacuum politely on Saturday mornings.
Then do my laundry.
I do not spend my time despairing about thread, fibres, dye stains, and piles of
'I might just use that'.
Taking up space.

 I do not place things 'in-situ' and then try to
work out for the next day or two, what else to do?

Luckily, these thought are fleeting because Flora's had more press.
A nod. Positive affirmation.
Another shoot, thank you.
In Brisbane's Q Weekend fashion editorial.
A kindred spirit's stylish eye was caught on a piece of frippery at The Hat Box.
Brisbane's supplier of the loveliest objet d'art in tonsure fashion only.
It's a lovely little veiled velvet rose.

Here's the piece in editorial splendour.

 Stay enthused.


  1. Congrats, Flora!

    How very exciting.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you, SSG, I am certainly not ready to quit the day job for sales of frippery, but do love it when the stylists pick the pieces out for a shoot. :D x

  2. Hello Flora,

    Well, this little black velvety, rosy, veiled number looks absolutely charming. Just the right balance of prettiness and mystery. Surely this is what every woman of substance needs to be wearing this season.

    Wonderful advertisement for you. The photographs look lovely.

    1. Dear Jane and Lance
      I am completely chuffed you've dropped by for a visit! Will certainly be shaking the rug and doing the cleaning in preparation of your lovely company.
      PS how is the teddy bear? Could we have an update??? Xx

  3. Oh my gosh - good on you! fabulous mag - I get that when i go to NZ very fancy! That's is a wonderful toppery FFF! Do you sell to anyone here?

    1. Thank you ALW, my niece set up Etsy for me a while back and I still haven't taken things further. I love the word 'toppery'!!!! Funny. Xx

  4. Oh wauw that's amazing!! Maybe Vogue Paris will call next? (who knows!!!) The piece is really gorgeous :) And now I have to google 'enthused' haha don't know what it means. Have an amazing Sunday Flora, and I really want to thank you for your sweet comments, I think you're the only one who reads my blog instead of just looking at the photos haha :) xxx

    1. Emilie! You are the epitome of enthused!! I love your writing. :D xx

  5. Oh wow, this is so wonderful doll, love it!! Congrats to you, so deserved!! Well done. Love your dogs face, so sweet :))))) Xxx

  6. Congratulations Flora! That is so awesome! To see your beautiful creations in a spread. That is the ultimate gratification.

  7. What a great post. Sometimes I think about the parallel universe where I have a clean house too!