Thursday, 22 May 2014

Camellia Society

 It's been quiet around these traps.
Except for my camellia bush; which is in full bloom.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited.
I am noticing the small things.
Last year it yielded one bud; and the day after I discovered it,
I found it lying on the artificial turf at the base of the pot.
I am still flummoxed.
Even flabbergasted.

The fleurs remind me of Monsieur Legeron's lovely work:
And, my visit to his atelier.

 Here's his creative hands.
 If it's your bent, get in and see him if you go to Paris.
Contact me and I'll give you a modus operandi to find yourself at his
lovely hat and corsage salon.

 The atelier's been quiet.
I've got a few works in progress that I need to bring to fruition.
It's slow frippery.
Sustainable and lovely.
No mass-production here.
You won't find yourself anywhere else in the world.
 What's been happening?
Are you noticing the small things?


  1. What beautiful camellias!

    SSG xxx

    1. I know!!! This year's blooms have stunned me! The bush is in a pot, with soil depletion and I forget to water it! Go figure??? Xx thanks for noticing the small things.

  2. The flowers look amazing doll, so wonderful!! Am happy it's bloomed so well :)) Have a gorgeous weekend Xxx

    1. Thank you, Dolls. It is so lovely to grow flowers. :D x

  3. Flora, your camellia's are very pretty! Love your corsages too!

  4. Oh glad the plant has bloomed this year for you, such beautiful flowers! :) And lovely inspiration for you too! :)