Thursday, 8 May 2014

Trumpet Blowing. Red.

I've popped up in another magazine.
On a Miss Universe 2007, no less.
Not that I subscribe to the ideals of that frippery.
Far, far left, as above in the beaded lace Flora ears.
And as below.
Except auto-correct changed Fascinata to Fascinator.
 I know, it is hard to get good help.

 See Style has spurred me on to make another rose.
Sorry, if you are bored, but roses are my oeuvre.

 And the odd ear inspiration.

 No wonder. The dog-of-the-year is who I spend most of my atelier time with.
Permanently fixated.
Waiting for something to happen.
 Here's the rest of my latest Flora permutation.
A red velvet base.
With that lacquered-looking over-sized red rose to be stitched on board.
 I've had to blow the dust of the black Singer.

 I'll let you know how I go.
Meanwhile, keep loving yourself sick.


  1. Your rose is looking fabulous already,

    Your studio space is amazing. I love the vintage Singer.

    SSG xxx

  2. Congrats on your feature! That's such a lovely piece with the lace and the adorable little ears! :)

    The roses are looking great too!

    Away From Blue

  3. Hello lovely!! Well, congrats on this feature, how awesome!! And well deserved, I think auto correct does change the name as it's done it to me as well. Your studio looks wonderful, I would spend a lot of time in there!! I always love this piece with ears, haha. SO cool :)) I hope you enjoy your weekend doll Xxx

  4. Flora, it looks so good on her! What fabulous press! Congratulations. Your creations are magnificent! Keep up the great work.

  5. What a fab feature and a stunning model on whom to display Floras Frippery. I'm starting to feel like I'm rubbing shoulders with a celeb ;-)
    Love the red rose....nothing like a red rose to put a smile on your face. Gorgeous

  6. That rose is fabulous and congrats on starring in another feature article! Thank you for your kind message on my blog. I've been unwell, but should be feeling better in a few weeks hopefully. x