Sunday, 25 May 2014

Black and White

There's been all sorts of frippery going on this last week.
We've had to outsource fix the ceiling in the boudoir because the new chandelier (circa 2013)
pulled it down.
Not quite right out, but sagging alarmingly.
I was nervous each night I nodded off.
The chalkface's Sow's Ear kitchen garden has been repeatedly pillaged by these
white sulphur crested cockatoos.

 They don't make a sound for added stealth when pillaging.
They just eat the passion-fruits.
I could watch them for hours.
They are quite the personality.
Quite nuts.
 Needless to say, there won't be any passion-fruit butter this year.

I've had to engage the workers with gusto.
And, I am pretty happy with our progress.
This is going to be cloth cubby-house or pirate ship.
 I wouldn't mind one of those flags.
 I've zhu zhu'd up and made a few d├ęcor vignettes for our weekend visitors.
Thankfully, I have still had time to practise my practice of exercising
 The design brief for this was simple.
Black and white.
It matches a leatherette top and black pencil skirt.

 I've also discovered that the new bath tub makes for
an efficient light-box for taking photos.
Eliminating that annoying background information.
I will not longer have to look for dusty floors or dirty windows.
Or errant pets in the shot.

 How was your weekend?
Did you discover anything?
Look into my eyes.
 Tell me.


  1. Afternoon Flora.

    I thought Heartpoet was the only person that referred to ones bedroom as a boudoir these days. He says it because he knows it irks me. When it's still early but HE is tired he announces grandly "I'm retiring for the night will I see you shortly in my boudoir?" And here I was thinking our shared love of the period drama Downton Abbey was a good thing ha! ;) xxx

    1. That's funny! He fancies himself as some sort of Lord, I would say. Xx

  2. What have I learned this weekend....

    Those Underwoods on House of Cards are getting more and more Diabolical by the episode.

    You should get into it if you haven't.
    6 days till I'm off o/s!!! x

    1. Cilla! That comment below is for jumped out of the box...

    2. OT - enjoy Paris, C!!

      SSG xxx

  3. I must search out the program!! Boy, the travel date's come around quickly!!! Whose minding Bella? Pls post from Paris!!! Xx

  4. How awesome is your use of the new bathtub as a light box!!!

    SSG xxx

  5. The new tub looks great, love the hat creation as well, they is stunning!! I also love the new light, it looks glamourous :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear Xx

  6. You live next to a netball court? That's so cool. You can revisit old goal defence days. That naughty old fella, taking your passionfruit - people just do not use that fruit here at all - or feijoas! (I know.) And i have never had passionfruit butter, but can't wait to try some, though I wouldn't know how to get some Pfs. Like old FF you do an amazing tabletop. You look as though you have the prettiest house, that ceiling alone and just the fixtures on the bathtub, I'm scrolling down to look for more peeks.

    1. ALW, it would be hellish to live near a netball court, IMO! It's the chalkface's facilities. Funny how some cultures eat things the rest of us don't isn't it? We have improved our home over the last year...previous bath had rust stains and bathroom was in ruination! Thank you for the compliment. :D x

  7. That chandelier is gorgeous! Glad you got it taken care of Flora. Love that hat design. So gorgeous.

  8. Phoew that headpiece is stunning, I think it's my favourite yet I've seen from you! How crazy that your ceiling comes down because of the chandelier?! I would cry haha - the chandelier is goooooorgeous!!!!! And it's totally normal to watch birds for that long haha, I would do that too! How crazy you have passion fruit in your garden (?), I don't think it can grow here... Always enjoy reading your posts even though I don't always comment ooops :p Have a nice day!