Sunday, 18 May 2014

Oaks Day Styling + Watershed #2

I am taking the liberty to fashion a little frippery based on the guidelines
of the calendar's dress code.
Queensland Oaks Day is the 31st May.
Be guided by femininity.
Pale colours, lace and flowers.
Not quite as below, but you get my point.
Here's a flora in-the-making.
And the resultant styling with a few sartorial elements.

 With a silver jacquard jacket.
Lace frock.
Lady-like length.
Not too tight.
Not too loose.
Statement necklace, de rigueur.
A fur wrap that's in the making.
I'll trim, sew and line with satin later.
 Lace You-You Louboutins.
Peep-toe pumps.
Frankly, my favourite shoes.
Lace, leather or satin.

Are you wondering about Watershed  #2.
Well, dear Followers of Frippery, I will tell you.
For a long time I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 50th Follower.
I was 49 for a very long time.
And, the week before last, I got them.
From none other than the erudite and well-travelled Hattatts.
To say I was chuffed would be an understatement.
Then, in a puff their little lettered avatar had disappeared from my right-hand side margin.
I searched for days.
They have never come back.
Perhaps they are reading?

Dear Hattatts, if you are reading, I will keep burning my flame.
In anticipation.
See you for a Stradbroke Day fashion guide soon, it's red, black and white.
In case you are wondering.
Oh, and feel free to become my 50th Follower!


  1. My gosh, you are just so clever! Love your frippery x

  2. It's so beautiful Flora! You are so talented!

  3. So gorgeous my dear, Love the whole look too :)) Will knock them all out with this marvellous look :)) Xx

  4. That outfit is beautiful! love the colours that all work so well together, and the mix of textures. You will definitely be best dressed at the races! :)

    Also I see you have 51 followers now - great job! :)

    Away From Blue

  5. Gorgeous outfit and so nuanced with the black and lace and dusky pinks, sort of like a beautifully chicly covered Dita Von Teese, you have the touch my dear