Saturday, 10 May 2014

Red Thermoplastic Frippery

 I've been exploiting the thermoplastic nature of PVC fabric.
Repeatedly returning to lounge on the couch today, in between heating
and curling plastic petals.
Life is tough.

 I've also made velvet leaves and a base.

 In between fashioning frippery and hanging out laundry
I have discovered I am back in the Camellia Society.
I've bloomed.
 And, I am excited.
You see, I am absolutely rubbish at gardening. That green mass
you see in the background is artificial turf, remember?
 I won't hear a bad word said about it.
Except it does get rather warm in summer.
 No weeding the plastic turf, people.
You could even vacuum it.
 I've retired early tonight with a cheese platter to celebrate a gift from
one of the junior workers.
How lovely. A jar of their home-grown honey, complete
with the 'comb.

 And a cheeky tempranillo style red rose wine.
No fan dance included.

 Stay inspired and find warmth.
 I'll try and finish this beauty tomorrow.


  1. oh so lovely!
    And cheese for dinner is perfectly legit.

    1. Tell you, that honey really made it!
      Very lazy meal. Vegetables tonight. :Dx

  2. Yum I could eat cheese all day everyday :) That red piece is so gorgeous - has Vogue already called? :) And we're thinking about putting plastic grass in the small garden at my student house ... But I don't want to burn myself when I go sit on it in summer haha :) Happy Mothers Day Flora! xx

    1. Emilie! Get the artificial grass down. Get a working bee happening. ;D
      Highly recommended. It is so nice and neat for feet, too.
      Sit on a beach towel in summer!!!

  3. What a gorgeous work of art you have in the works! As you probably know, I share my name with the most famous milliner of our time :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry it's been so long since I have posted! Not much to talk about lately!

    1. Mr Jones ;) thank you for dropping by. Get a post up. Your style is fabulous. Xx

  4. This pvc creation looks wonderful, I like the usage of different materials, the way it shapes is quite interesting. Can't wait to see it done. And cheese platters - yesss! Love cheese, perfect way to relax. I hope your new week is bliss my dear Xxx

  5. Thank you, Kizzy. I look the use of different materials, too. Definitely one for the Show-Pony! :D

  6. I think we all need artificial turf in our lives flora! hahaha No cutting the grass. No watering. It stays green. That works for me. Good for you in trying out a new material. Looks good.

  7. I had never heard of PVC fabric before! Can't wait to see the finished product, it's looking amazing so far :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Oh I love the texture and three dimensional color of this red toppery! I was thinking of you loads when i was trying on tiaras - I was thinking where is the good FFF when you need her to be in SF advising on fancy headgear. Blue cheese is my weakness - is that one stilton? I can eat bucketlaods - love it with those new jellys