Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bright Learning: Yellow

 I'll be down at Bright Learning on Saturday, 11 October.
Between 9am and 1pm.
Sharing secrets to making beautiful frippery.
Come and join us, if you care too.

We'll be work-shopping a headpiece or corsage.
Learning a bit, here and there.

 My day at The Hat Box was lovely.
Thank you for asking.
 There's all sorts of loveliness in for Spring.
One-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces.
Slowly fashioned by a group of millinery masters and creative types.

In more pedestrian news I have been tidying up Flora's Atelier.
 Trying to sort out what I been stuffing into bags for the last few weeks or so.
  Sweeping up bits of detritus.
My flotsam and jetsam.

And, deciding what I should keep or throw out.

In exciting news; I have been privy to Starr's latest artistic inklings.
She has done a string of still-life shoots in the House of Flora.
I'll invite you to her next exhibition.
Don't worry.



  1. Beautiful. Love the yellow.
    Hope you are well x

    1. Thank you, Cilla. All good here...just on holidays and didn't share any posts...the time flew by. Xx

  2. I wish I had known about the work-shop. How lovely. How did that go? A gal can never have too much frippery and your creations are breathtaking.


    1. Thank you, Kimmie. You are lovely to compliment the Floras. :Dx

  3. Teach them well Flora! That yellow is a stunner!

  4. Flora, my love, I am soooooo coming to that! I think I'll bring the Diva as well. See you there! Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi!! I would LOVE to see you there! Xx