Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Not all Glamour

If you are sick to death of large fleurs, click away now.
This post is full of it.
 But, before you think my life is one filled with fashioning frippery, remember
that in the middle of a sunny Queensland day; I am out and about
supervising all sorts of chalkface action.
Not listed in the job description.
I have spent most of my life avoiding the sun.
And here I am decked out; slip, slop and slap the sunscreen.
Supervising Ultimate Disc (no, not Frisbee).
It must be called a 'disc'.
During my weekly Sports activity.

This week I have spent most of my other bits of the life-pie fashioning fleurs.

Yellow, peacock blue, purple, red and pink.
Now in The Hat Box.


 This red one is my favourite.
 Can you tell?

 What are you up to?
Is there anything in your job that you didn't see in the fine-print?
Tell me.
I won't tell anyone.


  1. So many things in my job that I didn't sign up for but do...
    luff the fleurs.

    1. Cilla, I can well imagine. One of my favourite things to say back when I am given something TOTALLY not related to productive pedagogy is to say, 'I am a classroom teacher'.
      Yesterday I had to have a look at where to put an metal awning down the length of a building....

  2. Flora, those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors. Also love that leopard jacket and amazing chandelier. There's always something extra to do when it comes to your job. The ones that care always go that extra mile.

    1. Kim, good point re 'the ones that care go the extra mile.' I like it. Xx

  3. Well no-one told me about toe jam and infected things and teenage hormones in the latter 20th and early 21st century when I signed up for Motherhood, and sequins were not mentioned when The Diva started high school although canteen was, and THAT was a mistake too. As for Matrimonial Bliss, well....let's just take the good with the bad on that life choice....but suffice to say....5 kids and there's a lot more 'not tonight dear' than a human should have to utter! My other career choices and their 'other duties as requested' were a breeze by comparison. The mind boggles at what activities one might supervise at the chalkface that do not come under the banner of 'co-curricular' Flora!

    1. Mimi, I am on the floor laughing. I totally agree that coming to work for a day (in most cases) would be a break or even a rest from motherhood! Xx

  4. Love these Fleurs, so marvellous :))) Motherhood brings a lot of stuff I didn't know I signed up for, but there you go!! We are women and we can do all things ;-))) You look amazing, love all the great effort and amazing detail you put into your work, it's beautiful and that much more special!! Love Love Love xoxo

    1. Thank you, Dolls. I loved your last post and your beautiful shout out to Kim. Xx

  5. These are so incredibly beautiful. I love to see all the pretty colours and it is always such a joy to see your posts.