Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Flora Fascinata: Birthday Cake!

 If you have been giving the attention Flora's frippery deserves you would know
that around this time of year, a certain birthday is celebrated.
S is always up for a good party.
And, doesn't mind a good theme.
This year you will surprised to know that it was pink.
The more Barbie the better.
S and I met early and we went to the flower market.

 I cleaned out every vase I had until they were shining.
 S got busy.
 Snipping and arranging.

 We had a break for coffee.

 H, who is as busy as the next person made this spectacular two-tiered
Flora Fascinata birthday cake.

H will take orders, let me know.
You might remember her Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Cake from the year before last.
Here's a memory jogger.

Some lovely people brought a gift.

 Happy Birthday, S.


  1. wowsa.
    Love the collection of posies x

  2. That cake is totally awesome! Just once I wish someone would give me a birthday party like this. xx's

  3. You ladies are too clever for words. That cake....gorgeous...the flowers...pink...the crystal....sigh....fabbo! Mimi xxx

  4. Gosh! That cake looks amazing! O.o

  5. Happy Birthday wishes to S!! What an amazing cake, looks so good!! Everything is perfect, I hope the celebrations were wonderful :)) xx

  6. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Love the look of this perty pink party.

  7. this is very lovely I love the presentation!

  8. what a gorgeous CAKE! i LOVE it! its beautiful. also as an alice in wonderland fan, i am adoring the one from last year too. beautiful roses.

  9. Flower arrangement looks gorgeous xx