Friday, 30 March 2012

Everything for a Reason

I don't really agree with the maxim, 'everything happens for a reason', but in the case of Upittee, the little treasure of a boutique at Wilston on Kedron Brook Road, in Brisbane, it's true, all the garments stocked are there 'because of a very good reason'. I enjoyed taking these photographs in the boutique, a couple of days' ago (and visiting the lovely Kathryn).

Upittee retail a collection of the most stunning and unique pieces. There's an amazing accessory range, all brand new, but 'upcycled' like the luxurious handbag and coin purses from the label: Dialog London, that use traditional batik print and origami style fabric trims against the leather sourced from business throughout Asia.

There's also pieces using local labels (Foxton Danger) or that are sourced from Fairtrade supportive industry, for example using eco-colouring and dyeing techniques on natural fabrics (Uttam London).

There's a couple of Flora's lurking amongst the stunning tran-seasonal stock, too. Have a go at those colours! I'm about to start working on a range for a Winter look Flora racewear story, it'll be at Upittee in two weeks or so.

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