Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tulle Corsage: Less is More

Less is more, except in the case of sequins and feathers. This corsage is one of my favourites, so I've kept it. I created it from a piece of paisley-patterned black tulle remnant that I bought about ten years ago from a very swish fabric store in Melbourne. I've interlaced some white silk organza through the petals to finish the effect.

Last night I checked out Forever 21, good grief, how depressing to see so many outrageously cheap sweat-shopped 'fast fashion' knock-offs coming at us from every angle. I am seriously trying not to buy any more clothes when I don't really 'need' to. Time to separate the needs from the wants.

What made me feel better was reading the well-reasoned anti-sentiments on sites about the impact of this technology and lack of any business ethisc .

To cheer up, I got onto my favourite Fairtrade site, 'Free People' and was chuffed to find that one of my readers also 'likes' the site, that's you, lovely Julie! Oh, and I didn't order anything, the dress I tried to find wasn't there!

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