Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rubbish equals Food

Tomorrow, I am really looking forward to working in the community garden where I earn my daily bread. I've got a group of eager helpers at the ready to weed barrier and mulch the kitchen garden that's gone to wrack and ruin in the last few months' of continual rain squalls. We are getting out there tomorrow, no matter what! I've kept my promise and made the workers chocolate cakes and got the lemonade chilling.

 The garden's funded by a prize money we won in a wearable art competion that the Cubberla Creek Community Catchment Network ran a while back. Our entries were made of garbage, hence the waste equals food vibe. Here's some pictures of the efforts in 'rubbish fashion'. The entry for Cubberla Creek Enviro Festival was an extension of this fashion story. The money we received has let us keep this rewarding little project going.

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