Saturday, 6 July 2013

All Sorts of Shenanigans

 There's been all sorts of things going on in the
House of Flora.
My term break's peaked.
I need a holiday.
I popped into The Hat Box to hold court
for an hour or so.
 Frankly, I love it.
There's some beautiful tonsure pieces to tempt.

 I always take something to tweak in between offering my service.
This time a taffeta rose in progress.

 That eve I was at Montrachet, perusing the menu.
I had worked up an appetite.
 Wearing a t-shirt fabric embellished turban.
Who's in?
Bad hair or good hair.
 I then whipped off to this Gala Do:
Wearing a Flora-one-of-a-Kind.
It's that beaded garland with the camellia.
Head adornment was de rigueur at the do.

 I was a shameless groupie at the Dinner.
Here's me with Richard Nylon!
I know.
These hats were made under the rules of Mystery Box.
Master Milliners, the likes of Paris Kyne
were given limited materials and time and
set of to create.
Here's the results. 
 Two lovelies.

 Here's some more Master Milliners' Mystery Box results.

 There was also a Parade.

 Here's Paris' Mystery Box creation on the catwalk.
 And some of the most captivating head-wear I had seen in the audience.
This was a soft velvet skull type cap, with gorgeous embellishments.
 Here's Paris' Mystery Box result on close-up.
  And, guess what it got to come home with me.
It has Paris' trademark of wrapped wire and Mohawk feathers.
 Here's Paris in a fabulous pose.
Here's his Atelier on Little Collins Street, Melbourne.
I plan to visit, soon.
Cheerio. Off to do some less important things, now.
I've got lamb shanks in the oven.


  1. Oh WOW! Those hats are absolutely gorgeous. So unique and different. They truly make a statement. I love your turban. I think it would look great on both good and bad hair days. It's so chic! Love your shoes too! Nice.

    1. Kim, it was amazing, hundreds of people either milliners or industry related and all in hats and headpieces! I was agog! Xx Shoes are Chanel at half-price Sale! Who knew! They won't overtly advertise! I think of them as money I have saved! ;O!

  2. How fun! I totally enjoy all the hats and felt like I was right there with you!

    1. Michele, there were certainly some creatives! You'd love Richard Nylon. He is Dandy in sartorial style and makes the most gorgeous pieces. Xx

  3. These hats are marvellous. Love them all :)) Your turban is super cool :))) So chic. I have bad hair days all the time :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week my sweet!! Xxx

    1. Loving the tshirt knit turban wrap, too! Guess what! I have posted your Flora! Might tAke a week or so traveling. Xxx

  4. This hat box looks like an absolute heaven for me! I absolutely love hats and headpieces, but there aren't a lot of places here! And online variety kind of blows chunks. These are so intricate, looks like some of these came directly out of Kate Middleton's selection :) I love the turban especially, because well, as you say it, it conceals bad hair days :) lol!


    1. Rox Fox, you would do any hat justice. Even one made out of old hessian! Laughing re lovely Princess Kate reference because I call The Hat Box 'Millinery Royalty' and it truly is. The store really is the ultimate. You would have a great old try on in the store. If you come to AUS I'll take you straight there! Xx