Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stark Contrast

I am obsessed with the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation's website.
Toggle Sea Satin and you'll see the progress.
Because one of Mr Fascinata's clients and friend John Jameson is currently swimming the English Channel as we speak.
John is raising much needed funds for Children's Hospitals and if you
are so inclined, you can click on his name to donate in appreciation of his effort.
That's not him above, but someone modelling the kelp that's been on Glenelg Beach, of late.
But, here he is on his Wedding Day in Sydney, Australia.
We went, and I will never get over those Serbian Orthodox crowns they got to wear.
Gold and precious stones. I dreamt about them.
Regardless of head-wear, John is one of the kindest men I have ever met.
I almost feel embarrassed of the frippery that went on in Adelaide on the weekend when
I imagine where John is right now.
Stark contrast.
Here's the Sea Satin pilot vessel a few hours ago.
And let's face it, who can resist Satin?
I've been clicking on the site like nobody's business.

 Anyway, each to their own.
We knocked ourselves out in a different way on the weekend on the Hills are Alive Tour with S and C.

Here's S presenting a mixed fish platter, after Day 1's outing.
These biscuits were in a cafe called Locavore, in Sterling, on the way to the Hills.
All offerings are locally grown within a hundred kilometre radius.
Locally sourced is the gist.
Here's The Lane's cellar door and restaurant view.
Mad if you don't, but book ahead.

Winery dogs are very popular.

Here's Bird in Hand.
There's every attention to decor.
Petaluma Bridgewater Mill's restaurant.

Below are S's vintage etched Champagne glasses, she bravely
brought out at for Happy Hour at home.
Frankly, I was nervous.

S's amazing spinach.
Well, I was taken in  by it.

The orange tree.
Olives in the backyard enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

Effortless gardening, it seems.
Roses seemed to grow like weeds.
While I have killed everyone of mine.

Day 2 was a different direction to McClaren Vale.
K1 cellar door and balcony dining built over a dam.

Coriole cellar dooor with its beautiful cottage garden and arum lilies.

And, must see Samuel's Gorge.
On the edge of the Onkaparinga gorge.

The on to D'Arenberg's.

For lunch.

Day 3, back to Glenelg for coffee and cake.
I found this diner's hair fixating.
Then to Greek food for lunch.
Zucca's, Glenelg.

Prawns wrapped in that shredded Greek pastry.
Send your positive vibes to John half-way across the Channel.
We are thinking about him.
Water's 13 degrees celcius.


  1. Looks amazing. Love the crowns they wore, that is gorgeous. Loved all the pictures, am glad it was a wonderful time xx

  2. Such fabulous, fascinating frippery!

    And what beautiful looking produce!

  3. There's a Children's Hospital Charity Telethon here. It's a great cause and I think it's wonderful that he is supporting that! Omg'd these food & wine pics are fabulous! I wish I could've been there. The atmosphere was very nice too. Love your orange tree! You have so many beautiful and tasty goodies in your garden.