Saturday, 13 July 2013

Great Gatsby Frippery

 Apart from being back at the chalkface; I've been fashioning frippery
and thinking a lot about our Baz and his version of the classic.
In between this I have been on the couch.
Temporarily, my mojo went and even blogspots waxing lyrical about dark chocolate, peonies
and lavender couldn't get me out of my funk.
It seems like everyone's in Paris a.t.m, as well.
And knocking out posts entitled 'Paris: Day One'.
My Paris trip's getting closer. I am terrible with numbers and
when I re-checked my approved chalkface leave dates I realised
I'd applied for two extra weeks of time off!
I'll be happily holidaying in my own home during this time.


  Gorgeous, Lovely.

 What are you up to for Bastille Day?
Do you celebrate?
Any excuse for some French style nosh-up?
Stay well-planned and co-ordinated.


  1. Flora, enjoy your time off! I don't blame you for enjoying your home during the extra time off. Again, your creations are so beautiful.

  2. Aww enjoy your vacation and time off. You def deserve it. I think Paris is the best place to show off your arsenal of beautiful head pieces :)


    1. Rox, I love the way you say 'arsenal' of headpieces! What a great idea to take some! Never thought to! Thank you for your support. :D!

  3. Enjoy your time off doll!! You deserve it & I hope you have a wonderful time. Gorgeous pictures, the hearts are gorgeous. I sent you a email, but I wanted to say here as well, a BIG thank you for my piece that you made me, I so so adore it!! It's so stunning, you made something that said 'me' without me even having to say :))) True artist!!! You are marvellous!! I hope you enjoy your time off doll :))) XOXOXOX

    1. Dear Daints, thank you for your comments. I really wanted your peice to be one you might wear to a function too, maybe a Wedding? Thought the polka dots would be great styled with your wardrobe. :))) xx

  4. Flora your Great Gatsby creations are stunning! When are you in Paris because i will be there tomorrow! I will send you an email!
    xx FRances

  5. amazing post dear <3