Sunday, 21 July 2013

Clomicalm and Blind

 To be honest, this week's been a bit fraught.
The blog's mascot:
 as opposed to The Dog of the Year as below:

has been exhibiting highly strung behaviours:
including incessant barking and extreme separation anxiety.
Related to his 90% vision impairment.
 I've had to medicate.
I am bit sad.

I'll keep you posted.
Has anyone got any tips?
I think I am beyond the scented aromatherapy collar the
Vet's assistant told me about. Pity.
 In buoyant news, I've zhu'zhu'd up the chalkface.
 Popping these large tissue paper pom-pom fleurs
around the ridges.

 I've had my niece in Flora's Atelier to sit an
impromptu shoot.
 She does what she is told.

 That red and blue piece below is a ring in.
A Paris Kyne no less.
I am excited to have a millinery masterpiece in the House.
Made under extreme conditions, remember the Mystery Box
Milliners' Challenge?
Completed in a couple of hours no less.

 There's been no famine, it's been a feast this weekend.
I flew by the seat of my pants, without a recipe in tow and
conjured up this hazelnut and pear tart.
Don't panic, it's easy, packet puff pastry underneath.
Cream together eggs, butter and hazelnuts, dash of vanilla, spread on the
baked blind pastry sheet and decorate with peeled and cored pears.
It looks nice.
Dust with icing sugar.

Inspired by Paris' sculpting transformations
I was driven to dig out
Ok Ja Choi's hand-woven saffron dyed silk.
Ok Ja is a National Treasure artist.
You've met Ok Ja before.
She works exclusively with silk and natural dyes: safflowers and indigo.

a free form sculpted rose.

 I'll let you know what becomes of its loveliness.

 Stay tranquil, now.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy. I wonder what's causing that? I hope their is a resolve soon. I love those pom pom fleurs! They're so colorful and pretty. I love "she does what she's told" hahaha! That fascinator looks so good on her.

  2. So sad to hear about your dog, I hope something will be able to be foud to help, such a shame. Gorgeous foods and pom pom fleurs. Such a wonderful post, love all the colours. I hope you have a marvellous week doll & I shall keep your dog in my thoughts xx

  3. Girls, thank you for your sweet comments. I think it is a bit of senility re the barking and anxiety. I can't leave him to wander around the house because he bumps into everything because of old age blindness, tying him up isn't working either! But the pills seem to be working....the dog's not mine! :D! Xx
    Kim: the nieces are Gold, they are always doing thing for me. Xxx