Thursday, 25 July 2013


 I love grey.
But I've had to fight colour for it.

It's always good to go back, though.
We are like old friends.

 I fashioned this free-form lace Flora.
It's a light-as-a-feather.
If you are interested, it will be at The Hat Box,
when it passes muster.
It's quite lovely and would look sweet with pink or other pastel hues.

In case you are curious. I haven't turned my back on pink.

 I am working on the base.
It's still in the pipeline. It's Ok-Ja Choi's amazing hand-woven silk
and saffron fleur, fashioned by using every single skerrick of the fabric
is still a work-in-progress. These things take time.
What are you working on?


  1. Hiya lovely!! These are wonderful creations, love the pink one, so pretty and out there. I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll :) xx

  2. I want an hat like your models!

  3. I think grey is very interesting color!