Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Hills are Alive

 Come inside.
Design Challenge number 4:
A UFO, reworked.
Gold lace and orange silk.
With a crystal embellishment.
 On a little fitted base.
 I won't lie to you.
I am leaving town.
 Going to the Adelaide Hills, just out of Adelaide in South Australia.
The Hills will be alive with the sounds of wine-tasting.
It's the closest thing Australia has to Europe.
 It's going to be fresh.
10 - 16 degress Celsius.
This Queenslander will be wearing thermals under all that glamour.
 Don't panic. The Dog of the Year will be well loved.
And his counterpart.
My niece's arrived.
But the Design Challenges will have to stall.


See you in a few days, lovelies.


  1. Have a delightful time!!! You deserve it! Have a sip for me! hahaha The Sound of Music is playing in my head. I love that headpiece! So beautiful!

  2. Have a wonderful time in the Hills and drink some wine for me! so love your black Chanel jacket and camellia!!!!! I still have to reply to your email ... I am so sorry! The white looks good though and I still want the fascinator!!
    have a gorgeous weekend

  3. Hiya my dear...I hope you have a marvellous time away and enjoy yourself...sounds like a fun time!!Enjoy xxx

  4. Very beautiful design :)

    I am following you beautiful blog and hope you follow back