Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day Job Break

 I'm about to embark on a two week break from the chalkface.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to be holidaying in my own home.
Just me and the new stamens I've bought.
 And a few other bits and pieces.
Glad to have a break from this; for all the right reasons.
 No more incessant counting into groups of 3, after 28 workers have
made apple crumble and the like.
 Or the antics of Calico Capers.
I've set up a vignette of lace and lovely.
Set off by Rachel Khoo's Little Paris Kitchen

 I used Rachel's inspiration to make
passionfruit filled and meringue topped vanilla cakes with the workers.

I know, no pamplemousse as she directed.
In fact, not that long ago I'd never even heard of pamplemousse till I realised it was our grapefruit.
But a make do solution to the chalkface's yield of passionfruits.

 I let the workers have carte blanche with their approach.
I am not unhappy with the results.
Those piping bags can bring a grown-up undone.

  If you are worried I am going to lolling around.
Doing nothing.
You'd be wrong.
There's works in progress to complete.
Remember these Easter Lillies I dried out?
I'll be making some frippery soon.

 Stay relaxed.
I'll be sending lots of postcards.


  1. you deserve a break! so happy for you! we all need one from time to time. those meringue cakes look sooooo good! i'm dying over here. lol

    1. Hi Kim! Cakes were delicious, you could also edit a pocket mix, just scoop out and spoon in lemon butter and make a meringue! Quick and easier! Xxx

  2. Oh dear! Your lemon cakes look divine!! I just adore Rachel Khoo's recipes :)

    Much love,

    1. Dear Paris, thank you for stopping by and complimenting the workers' cakes! Xxx

  3. Who doesn't love a holiday at home with a fist full of new stamens.

    I'm planning on getting intimate with some new papers I just bought :-)

    1. Good call. Will be checking on any new and lovely card designs you make. Xx