Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Magnolia, lovely.

I've got a mountain of A_B_C_D_E's to write.
Crunching data.
And the progress on the Sow's Ear a.k.a the school garden's stalled.
 And this Kookaburra's been a daily visitor, since the ground was dug up.
But I still have time to fashion frippery.
Based on C's magnolia.
 An interpretation.
In white, papery, silk tafetta.

This version's got a hand-dyed re-purposed fringe trim for stamens.

In progress.

Against the shower curtain.
I know, who would have thought?

Enjoy your week.
And thank you for the well-wishes for the blog mascot.
He's on the mend.



  1. The flower you made is so beautiful doll! Who would've thought against that shower curtain!?! What a great picture! I love that kookaburra bird. So beautiful.

    1. I agree, the curtain makes a great backdrop! Mr Fascinata picked it out. :) ! Kookaburra's one of our indigenous species. Xx

  2. That flower is gorgeous, so wonderful :)) Fantastic picture of the bird, it's quite cute :))) Am glad the blog mascot is on the mend, bless. I hope your day has been fab xx

    1. Thank you, Dolls. Enjoyed making the magnolia, want to make one a bit more exact if I can control my artistic bent! X