Saturday, 15 June 2013

Burlesque + a Bad Haircut

 Look, I know Burlesque isn't everyone's cup of tea.
And there'll be folk out there, who for sound socio-cultural reasons
might not like the look of it.
You won't have to click away now, because there aren't any photos
of last night's Burlesque Festival held at the Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane,
because that's not protocol or good manners, people.
Unlike being in the Sistine Chapel were cameras are going off left right
and centre, despite pleas from the security. The Burlesque appreciative audience is very polite.
And, I think that's another reason why I like it.
It's old school, isn't it? With lots of humour.
And, not much more on show than what some of you might wear to beach.
 I fell in love with dancer Lola the Vamp when I read on Facebook that she was urging people
to muck in and help the Yeronga RSPCA, back in 2011;
when Brisbane has unprecedented weather and diabolical flooding.
Most of Queensland was under a state of emergency.
 Talented Burlesque Stars came together in 2011
for a fund-raising Show, gratis of their fees.
My nieces are fans.
 I popped on a yonks old velvet Gerry Shaw gown with faux fur trims
and every brooch I could find.
I also popped on a beaded collar my niece made me.
She enjoys make bits and pieces out of textiles when she
has a break from her keen interest in painting.
Here's my niece C, as below: 
Thankfully, I am a good source of the right red nail polish.

 The Dog of the Year was fixated.
Must be in the genes, after all, they were the companion
preference for French lace-makers and ladies of the night
back in the day!

 Here's C wearing a ruffled red Flora-one-of-a-Kind.

 The collar, up close.
 I can't seem to do anything by myself these days.
More of C's pretty  necklaces.

In alarming news, the House Mascot has lost his tail pom-pom.
Here's what he looked like when I picked him up
from the Poodle Parlour, today.
Apparently, the tail fur was too matted, but everything
else was okay????
Or, the apprentice got him.
It rendered me speechless.
Anyway, it's now fine with me. Have enough to think about.
Mr Fascinata has warned it will never grow back.
And, thinks I need a refund.
Don't tell me, I'll have to fashion up a fake tail.


  1. Hiya doll!! Love the necklace, that is stunning!! You create beautiful things. I love Burlesque. Everyone looked marvellous. Love getting glammed up for some fun!! Poor dog, bless. I hope you have a gorgeous week Xxx

  2. Dainty, we had such a great night. Poor House Muse has been through the wars, first jaw accident now Poodle Parlour mishap. I laughed and cried at the same time when I saw the tail. :O!

  3. I love burlesque! Dita von Teese is really big here in the states. I love the theatrics and costumes when it comes to burlesque shows. omg'd your puppy's tail. one time my dog had to be shaved down. poor thing was so depressed. it will grow back.

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