Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Full Box of Crayons

 I raced home today to knock myself out, making
passionfruit butter.

 Don't think these are from the Sow's Ear.
Or the Garden of Flora, which both have vines.
No, that yield's been slow.
H and A gave us these beauties.

 Extract the pulp.
Add lemon juice for a bit of extra pectin.

 I don't separate the eggs.
I don't bother.
I know. I just make sure I denature those proteins
with a good attack of some sort of mechanical action.
 Break up those protein coils.
 Whip it back on the stove.
Add sugar.
Add butter.
And a little bit of slated cornflour.
It'll help make a nice gel and make
the curd a bit more reliable.

 I was astonished to find my first ever home-grown camellia, tonight.
Remember how I showcased the buds?
Well, I found them crispened on the ground, about a week later.
A a result of some sort of freak accident.
No-one could explain.
Truly, I take nothing for granted.
Do you?
 Coagulate the mixture, but don't boil.
You've been warned.
You'll split the goodness into little hard lumps.

 Let the mixture cool.
Do something else that's worthwhile.

 I was going to go the whole box of crayons with the presentation.
 Got out a few hoarded ribbons.
But, then to be honest I ran out of puff.
 Eat in moderation.


  1. Replies
    1. Coming your way soon. We'll bake some pastry shells! Xx

    2. Sooooo looking forward to that!

  2. Hiya doll! That looks so yummy, I think I shall be over soon ;) I bet it smells gorgeous nice!! Lovely jar tops as well. I hope your week is going grand so far!! xx

  3. i've never had passion fruit, let alone passion fruit butter! you whipped up a very nice batch. looks good!

    1. Kim, I am stoked I showed you something new! Boy, it's delicious! See if you can find some. Xx