Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bolshoi and Bad Teeth

 To be honest, it's been a bit of a week.
The blog's 97 year-old Mascot got between the Dog of the Year and a piece
 of pumpkin souffle, and ended up in the Vet's surgery.
On a Sunday for triple time-and-a-half with a broken jaw and two loose teeth.
The result of a three second dog-to-dog scuffle.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I felt devastated.
And I blame myself.
Good news is though, we are now back to normal duties.
Thank goodness.
That big Agave thing in the front yard's now in full bloom.
Attracting birds, too.

 In incoming correspondence Mr Fascinata secured two tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet's Le Corsaire.
And, a dinner at the Lyrebird Restaurant.
Lucky, I know.
Out with Cartier, who would have thought?
 There was all sorts of loveliness, and a fairly simple plot:
including pirates, aristocrats and slave-girls.
A big artistic coup for little old Brisbane.


I zhu-zhu'd up after the chalkface.
 I conjured up the biggest hair donut I'd ever imagined.
 Don't panic, there's only a cleaning kit in that Cartier box.
Just for props purposes.
 There were pirates doing all sorts of things in Le Corsair.
 The restaurant threw on afters, too.
With a Russian twist.
 And wonderfully, one of the junior workers at the chalkface
actually auditioned yonks ago and joined the Bolshoi ballerinas on stage, 
as one of the ten children in the ballet.
That's not him below, but a facsimile look-a-like from the Show's program.
Sorry, no pictures.
 I had to out-source the housework today, because the Bolshoi knock themselves out
for over three hours on stage and frankly, I am exhausted.
Saw fit to eat cake for an hour or so with my niece.
After a pantry and linen cupboard makeover.
And a bit of vacum work.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Look after your teeth.



  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. What an ordeal! I had two dogs before, and it can be so expensive,when something like that happens. Glad she's better. The ballet looked so gorgeous! I love the ballet. I don't get to go often, because it rarely comes here. Glad you and your husband had a great time. I love your donut!!! :) The cake looks delicious :D Yummmmmmmmmm! Wishing you a wonderful week my friend.

    1. Kim, you are such a darling to comment. :) poodle seems right as rain now! Thank goodness. He was meant to overnight at the Surgery but the Vet rang and said come and collect him, because he was barking too much post surgery! He arrived home and did a huge open mouthed yawn! I was amazed, crackd jaw and all. Bil nearly cost a ticket return to Paris! Oh dear. :/ what can you do. Xx

  2. That's a shame about your dog, poor thing. I hope he continues to heal. The ballet looks amazing, I wish I went more often, I'll have to sort that out!! SO beautiful. The donut looks amazing, so cool :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll!! Xx

    1. Thank you, Dainty. Yes, get to ballet more, it really is a luxurious way to relax. Poodle is back to his old self, thank goodness. Amazing how tough they can be. I felt so awful when the fight broke out. :/ it's a lesson for all to be careful. Xx

  3. LOL, I laughed so hard at your donut hair comment. That image will never get out of my head now! And the ballet looks absolutely beautiful.. I've never been, but have always wanted to visit. Im' sorry to hear about your dog as well, hope he feels better :)

    Beautiful photos, as per the usual!