Monday, 10 June 2013

Hunkered down with Caramel

 If you think I've been out and about and ignoring you.
You'd be wrong.
I've been reasoning data into some sort of semblance.
Neatly scaffolded into reports for the workers.
Hunkered down over a very wet long weekend.
God Save the Queen for giving me an extra day to finalise the punctuation.
 Had to outsource again to my niece again, to take charge of a bit of
domestic effrontery.
But not before I saw fit to caramelise milk + sugar into this beauty.
Forgot that the stirring would see me at the stove for up to 30 minutes.
 Trotted out T's lovely tea cup gifted to me from yonks ago.

 Ate most of the tart throughout the reporting period.
 Found this (as below) unsupervised and up to no good.
Climbed up on the stairs and availing himself of the cat's crackle.
 Nothing much else to report except some tea-stained Floras
that have gone to better homes.
I've resorted to a random trip down memory lane.

 This is a photo I took from the tow-path along the Burgundy canal in France.
I know, who would have imagined those lovely caramel calves
would line themselves up so neatly?
 This is a cheese plate for one from the Mudbrick Restaurant
on Waiheke Island off Auckland.
Save it for help presentation wise.
Isn't it lovely?
 The mascot's 100 percent, but won't be doing any modelling like
this old gem anytime soon.
 Keep laughing, where and when appropriate.
I am on school holidays in two weeks' time.
What are you looking forward to?


  1. Hiya doll!! Love the cake/pie at the top, looks marvellous! And those Mucha cups are gorgeous, adore those :))) I hope you have a marvellous week, I could do with a nap already, haha. Youngest one goes to bed late and wakes at the crack of dawn these days. I hope you have some relaxing moments this week :)) Enjoy. Loves Xxx

  2. Trust you to notice the Klimt mugs! Boy, motherhood's a whole new dimension alright. Our two dogs are enough of a challenge! I admire you. :) x

  3. That pie looks SO GOOD! HAHA What a cute dog butt! Ok, PIE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yummy, yummy I love caramel anything and you look gorgeous!
    Yes spent a week at the Cipriani, mum sent me for my birthday, what a trip! It's on the blog somewhere, I'd love to go back in winter.

  5. Love the crackers tied up in ribbon. I'm keeping that one up my sleeve ;-)