Thursday, 13 June 2013

Creative Impetus

 I felt like a bit of a nonsense when I posted yesterday's passionfruit butter
session, until I got a lovely comment from Kim at A Very Sweet Blog.
She quipped she'd never tasted passionfruits, let alone passionfruit butter.
And, I thought this is what blogs are all about, aren't they?
Learning stuff, well, that's what we tell anyone who calls out, 'Are
you still on that Ipad?'
I'm on a creative rollercoaster at the chalkface.
It's end of term, and those Calico Capers frocks must be finished.
It's been a flurry and a hive of activity.

I saw fit to re-decorate one of the chalkface's classrooms.
Gave the teacher's-aide strict instructions.
On a sow's ear budget; create a silk purse.
The Design Studio is now over until next year and it's now full of inspirational
posters, thanks to Dainty Doll and her world of motivation.
I have had good feedback already. One of the chalkface workers made her
junior class move around each poster and talk about what it meant to them.
Isn't that nice?
 The old decor, as below:
 And here's the renewal:

I commandered another couple of unsuspectings to paint these stone plant
markers with house-paint to clearly identify what's what in the Sow's Ear.
This is comfrey, if you haven't got it; you should get some.
It's a soil conditioner and nutrient enricher.
This one's been ravaged by something, not sure what.
But, nevertheless.

At the minute, all weeds have been banished and we'll do
another planting, soon.
I'll be trotting out the Amnesty Quilt soon, too. 
For an end-of-term activity.
Time permitting.
Hundreds of hands have made it so far.
There's probably about another three years to go!

I'll have to hold a chalkface reunion when I raffle it!

 Stay renewed.


  1. Awwww it warmed my heart to hear about the juniors explaining what the posters meant to them. What a nice thing to do.

  2. The fabric flowers are beautiful, what a talent and I love the painted stones, I'd pay good money for that in a shop!

  3. i have learned so much through blogging. especially my british buddies. you all are so talented! thanks for the shout out! i love learning new things :D you did such a fabulous job on that project. i love the new look! so pretty! kizzy is spectacular. she teaches me something in every post she writes. just an inspirational girl!!!

    1. Love the makeover, too. Calico frocks are cute, just have to finish them......

  4. Aww that's so cute about the juniors! And seriously woman, you are so talented. You can take over the world, I'm serious!!


  5. Gorgeous! I never had passionfruit until I came to the UK, I had never even seen one before, haha. So, I can understand Kim. I love them now though. Oooh..that's so great, love the quotes all over for motivation, am glad you liked all of them and use them!! You are super talented doll. Hope your weekend is bliss xo