Sunday, 2 March 2014

Gold Affair Part 3

A while back my yoga teaching told me about the importance of bathing yourself in the light of 'Goddess Hour'.
Meaning those first rays of early morning light.
Yoga's pretty much defunct for me at the minute. I won't lie to you, but
 I like nothing better than to wake up in the morning, trot to
Flora's Atelier and see the Goddess Hour's sun's rays shining on a Flora.
 In the spirit of 'less is more', I down-sized some stars
on C's headpiece.
C's headpiece now looks like this. 
 Pretty much everything in the house presently has some
grain of gold glitter aboard.
The dogs included.
Even a bit in my nostrils and ears.
Never mind smelling of perfume, I would be
a hard women to have an extra-marital affair with.
 There'd be fibres and feathers abound, too.
And you'd have glittery cheeks.

 I've out-sourced the making of the Gold Party frock.
It's a pool of lop-sided molten Midas touch, all right.
And I'll accessorise accordingly.
Thank you C, you did a lovely job.
It started with this young person's pattern.

 Who would have thought?
Mr Fascinata has a matching  'kerchief'.
He has made me tack-stitch it into his pocket, because he likes
to have all bases covered.
No wardrobe malfunction included.
Vogue Australia is lovely this month.
Finally, some sense.
Fashion as Art. An over-riding theme.
Thank you very much.
I recommend you buy a copy, even if you usually don't.
It's a keeper.


  1. HaHa Flora! EVERYbody (woof woof) had gold on. Great job!

    1. Freddo the French Bulldog says thank you!

  2. So much to love here- your outfit, your husbands, and your dogs! I brought that issue of vogue, but misplaced it before I had a chance to open the covers. I WILL find it. x

    1. HIH!! Suspend all domestics! Find the Vogue and lock yourself in a room. The boys will be just fine for an hour or two! ;D xx

  3. I love it...all in gold, bless!! All of you look the gold theme!! And the fact that he wanted you to tack in his handkerchief is priceless! Loved that! I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead doll Xxx

    1. :D, cute that you think the stitched in hanky is do have little ones after

  4. The gold star headpiece is beautiful! And your dog so cute with the little gold bow tie.

    Your dress is stunning - absolutely perfect, it does look like liquid gold! :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Isn't the fabric crazy. My lovely Teacher Aide is an expert sewer and I paid her to run it up! The fabric was IMPOSSIBLE to work with....unlike her.

  5. You looked gorgeous! You are an expert at styling :) Looks like such a fun night!