Monday, 17 March 2014

Visual Diary

 House Model.
Make-up Artist.
 Point-of-Sale details.
Quality controller.
Public relations.
You name it; I am it.
 I can even make a good sandwich.
A few weeks ago, I was asked, 'where I get my ideas from?'
This got me thinking.
Here's my visual diary.
My latest Flora styled headpiece.
It started with a piece of dyed quartz crystal I bought at a Gem Fair.
 I cobbled together some elements that worked with the crystal.

 And avoided the house-keeping for the next hour or two.
These things take time.

 I love that crust of beads on the feather pad, both bugle and crystal.
A couple of faux pearls, too.

 If I am not happy with the marriage of colour, I will do a little dyeing.

Did I mention photographer?

 Did I mention I am completely driven at the moment by these Prada bags.
Current season, if you have $3500 AUD spare.
Spring 14.
Apparently these hand-bag portraits are a nod to feminism and fashion, according to Muiccia.
Not sure about that frippery because I can't reconcile the relationship
between high-priced bags and women's rights and achievements.
Don't tell Miuccia but I might get the workers to craft some up.


  1. This blue creation is exquisite, love this shade of blue and mixed with pinks, it's even better!! Marvellous doll, I hope you have a great week ahead Xxx

  2. The beading and feathers on that headpiece are so exquisite! I love the colors Flora. You did a beautiful job. And you can make an awesome sandwich girl :D HAHAHA We could have sandwiches and sit in the park :D

  3. Your headpiece is beautiful - love the colours! :)

    So interesting seeing how it all comes together, you're very talented and creative! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. I love the turquoise and fuschia hues together Flora! That model is some hottie too ;0)

  5. Love the headpiece, not sold on the bags
    You are very creative!

  6. Yes I love those hues together too! Wow, that is a sassy and really chic headress!

  7. This is gorgeous, a true work of art. I love the turquoise colour and vivid shades. Truly outstanding.