Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Brisbane Look?

 Every man about town is currently talking about Uncovering The Brisbane Look.
A thirty minute fashion documentary.
Edited from 24 hours of fashion footage from all sorts of stalwarts in the Queensland Fashion Industry.
It's narrated by Kirstie Clements, a previous editor of Vogue Australia.
Directed by Hailey Bartholomew.
It can be challenging living in sub-tropical conditions.
I have been waiting three years to wear my silk Chanel scarf, because even
the winter's are too oppressive.
I'm scared I'll sweat on it.
Forget winter coats.
This high pressure system happens pretty much all year around.
 So with a nod to all things creative in fashioning headpiece frippery
I am eagerly awaiting the viewing, tomorrow night.
I got this lovely invite in my Inbox.

 I am going with Starr, who is not afraid to make a statement.

 Celebrating individuality and not merely trends gets my vote.
Where else can I wear a $15 Indian caftan to the chalkface
and get the most amount of compliments I have ever had.
 And pop a pink flamingo on a patio.
I'll be wearing this balloon skirt style poodle print dress from Easton Pearson
who voice their opinions in the short film.
 I'll show you the finished look soon.
That pink thing underneath is my house frock, don't panic.
I bought it years ago, on Sale. As a nod to the house model.
 I later saw it referred to
in an interview with the duo expressing how sometimes they need
to keep a check on their creative ideas in relation to the business plan.
It was point in case.
I'd be lying if I didn't love it even more because of this.
Lidia Pearson and Pamela Easton are lifers in fashion.
I think you would like their work.
Frankly, it's not all do-able, but it just stands alone.
 Harper's Bazaar's in the creative style loop this month.
It's all happening for the creative types.
We are vindicated.
No more minimalist sheaths for the minute.


 See you after I uncover Brisbane.


  1. Waauuuuw that caftan is amazing, I understand you get a lot of compliments wearing it!!! Great find :) Also haha hilarious that you don't dare to use your Chanel scarf, I have the same thing!!!!! Especially with expensive shoes - because when I start wearing them they 'get old' really fast, I just can't keep them clean and intact :) Also thank you very much for your very very sweet comment, it meant a lot! I think I'm just going to keep blogging like I do - it's a risk haha... xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Emilie, I know what you mean by shoe wear and tear! I have a strict range for work and I wear them out and then it's the bin. Mind you, I don't enjoy the salubrious surrounds of carpet and an air-con office!

  2. This sounds super...I hope you have a gorgeous time & I like what your going to wear too...and I also like your house frock, so cool :)) Hope your week is going blissfully doll Xxx

    1. I always like people who get the concept of a 'house frock'. Xx

  3. Carpe diem, missy. Get that scarf on. You can always get it dry cleaned. Enjoy it!

    1. Cila, you are right!!! :D so true. Mind you, that ballon poodle dress is silk and I came from the event with an oil dribble down it from a canapé....sheesh!

  4. Love that poodle skirt. Please take lots of photos at the event. I'd love to know ALL about it x

    1. I'll update soon! You would enjoy what the film has to say, it's a great promotion for funny ol' Brisbane.

  5. Have an awesome time at the viewing! I love that poodle skirt. It's so cute.

  6. For Goodness Gracious Sake. What's not to like about a POODLE skirt! Mamma had one, I had one, Girl Child has one...granted none are Easton Pearson vintage, rather Vintage. Every girl needs to have experienced The Poodle Skirt. I quite adore yours...x