Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gold. Finale.

 If you are partial to a bit of a frock-up, well-spent dosh
and support for Damien Rossi's charity of choice, then Rossi's Oscar's Live!
is just the tonic you need.
You will not be disappointed.
You can choose the social instalment you under-take.
This year's funds went to the Queensland Cancer Council.
His fund-raising efforts went all day and into the night this year.
Choose whatever suits, if he trots out the same arrangement next year.
You've been advised.
 What's not to love?
Damien takes a theme carte blanche style.
No stone goes unturned.
You can pose on the red carpet, as many times as you please.
 Here's C, and S acting as a paparazzi.
C and S very kindly hosted our attendance.
I would be lying if I said I didn't love every second.
I did what I was told and took the gold theme through
to the extremities.
Fingers and toes.
 Ellen did a marvellous job.
 I felt proud of Jared Leto winning Best Supporting Actor.
And, of course our Catherine Martin and her propensity for
fashioning costume and set frippery.
And, Cate.

 And, Mr Fascinata's gold lurex pocket square stayed firmly in his pocket.
Thanks to a bit of tacking.

 C looked utterly fabulous!

 Make a note in your diary and get on board next year.
Flora says so.
Here's Damien and C.
He is very nice.



  1. This looks so marvellous and a lot of fun!! Love the gold theme and how everyone made such a grand effort!! So cool :))) Would be super to have gone X

    1. Dolls it was great. Mr Fascinata was amazed he sat through the Oscars first time ever! ;) xx

  2. Dear Flora, we enjoyed so much glamour and richness! Outstanding!!

    1. It was special. Everyone dragged all sorts of permutations of gold out. Xxx

  3. Flora, everyone looked so fabulous in their gold. Great job doll!

  4. What fun and frivolity, Flora! You all look very spesh indeed. Who knew that our little town had so many gorgeous glamourous folk!