Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ohso Jacket + Flora Cake

I am obsessed with this feathered jacket and I can only
blame my own blog. I clicked on that Easton Pearson link I
posted last week and saw it, the Ohso jacket in its feathery glory.
As far as I know it's sold out.
Probably just as well.
Anyway, here's a cheap diversion.
 An idea for a special occasion cake with just the
right amount of frippery.
It's quite cost effective, too.
You'll need a cake.
This one's Red Velvet.
The batter will stain your tongue and tea-towels.
You've been warned.
 Make a batch of cream cheese frosting, too.

 The line some different shaped bowls with plastic film.
These shapes will form the flower petals.
Chill the chocolate-coated bowls in the freezer.
 Slap, tilt and twist melted chocolate around the bowl.
I started out using the brush, but ended up just pour chocolate from a spoon.
Don't be afraid to experiment and stay calm.
 You'll have to do quite a few layers; return the bowls
to the freezer a few times.
 Ice the cake.

 Pull the frozen bowls out of the freezer and unpeel the plastic.

 Reveal the chocolate bowl shapes.
You can break them up a little to form raggedy petals.
 Assemble the flora; at this point use a little left-over icing to stick to the other pieces.
 Sorry, there are no more photos after this point, my hands were covered in chocolate.

 Dust with a little icing sieved sugar.
 Happy Birthday!

In case you were wondering, watching Uncovering the Brisbane Look was a treat.
It pays homage to the past and makes you feel excited about the future creative prospects
of this great city, Brisbane.
If you fly with Virgin Australia you can view it as one of
the in-flight entertainment choices.
It's just 30 minutes.
Here's my Brisbane look. It was difficult to capture because the lights were low and moody.
Starting with Mr Fascinata's Flora inspired Smart Prick.
A feather accessory for the homme in your life.
 I know, I've been warned by the 'How to Be a Better Blogger' manual
about posting blurred images.
But, here goes.
View from the Limes Hotel.
 View of Lidia Pearson.
Easton Pearson fame.
 A blurred Kirstie Clements.
Vogue Australia Editor (1999-2012).
I'll let her have the last word.
She's earned it.


  1. Flora, that jacket is so sassy! I could definitely see you wearing it. What a gorgeous cake!!! I love red velvet. Agree, it definitely does stain but it tastes so good. Love how your frosted it. Glad you two had a great time! I love what you wore.

    1. I would LOVE that jacket better than anyone else in the world. But alas....

  2. Beautiful. I'd spied a few cakes at French Twist decorated with similar floral frippery, but I had not idea how to recreate the magic. Thank you. Love that Easton Pearson dress. Definitely have the Brisbane look x

    1. Have a go. Nice and budget friendly too. Some of those speciality cakes cost up to $40 at The King of Cakes near where I work!

  3. you are frightfully artistically talented, flora x
    might have to give that flower cake a crack.

    1. You could try a good packet chocolate cake mix with extra cocoa and some orange juice. Darling chocolate icing and flower...that would be nice. I like the way you say 'frightfully' thank you x

  4. This cake is beautiful...love the icing flower, so pretty!! You looked marvellous doll, love what you were wearing!! Always fantastic.Those bowls are gorgeous...I hope your week is going well doll Xxx

  5. Posh Poodle and Handsome Homme with feathered prick (ROFL!!!)...faaaabulous! Mr Fascinata must be quite a dashing fellow. My dearest Aussie Surfer-Muso Bloke won't even let me adorn him with suit and tie, never mind feathered frou-frou. As for the cake and attached flora...*swoon*. You are too, too clever!

    1. Mimi, thank you for noticing...but it does take one to know one! Xx