Friday, 1 June 2012

Carte Blanche

I'm not one to rest on my laurels, but here's a look at a little Show I participated in at the Pine Rivers Shire Art Gallery, Strathpine, Brisbane, Queensland. It was themed around the saying, Bloomin' Marvellous, which is a English way of saying, absolutely fabulous. Anyway, all work had to undertake a flower theme.
So, it wasn't exactly carte blanche* for Flora, but it looks like it.
I used all sorts of organic material, including bamboo, a bird's nest and dried arrangements.
*Carte Blanche meaning: Having free rein to choose whatever course of action you want.

Mine fitted the bill.
I outfitted myself in my home-made wool knit grey eco-pattern dress, eco because the pattern entails use of every skerrick of fabric to make the dress.
The off-cuts are made into a Flora corsage for the neckline.
It's essentially a large stitched up rectangle.
Doesn't sound particularly glamorous, but it works.
 Unfortunately, I blew the budget on the Flora style YSL sandals on my hooves, in the photo below.
You could say I used my credit card, carte blanche style.
Speaking of carte blanche this is exactly how I'd style a fashion shoot, if I was given a guest spot as a stylist.
Yes-sir, not the usual suspects modelling this frippery.
But these.

In the past my carte blanche approach has seen me get in a bit of strife.
This is what happened when against Mr Fascinata's stern warning I vetoed the anti-possum nesting chicken wire,
 Mr F wanted to put the wire guard in the roof's eaves.
I went against his better judgement.

We soon had a family.
The possums' behaviour was carte blanche.

I had lovely days at the chalkface this week.
I saw M, wearing her Akira, hand-inked one-of-a-kind Flora corsage.
Made from a remnant bought at Akira's lovely Brisbane, Ann Street boutique.
Here's a reminder of some of Akira Isogawa's amazing beading.

An ex-alumni worker came in for a visit. I bumped into her and said, "Who are you looking for?" and she said, "You".
How nice.
And then after getting a compliment from a couple of workers about my outfit of the day:

Look, I know, and let's face it, it's one of the series of black permutations, as usual.
But my point is, isn't compliment giving just such a nice social skill.
Well done, on all accounts.
As seen on my lapel (above), back in the day, one of the Librarians at the chalkface gifted this to me, for no reason,
how thoughtful
Speaking of thoughtful.
 I went to my mail drawer and pulled out this:
A postcard from Paris!
From a lovely ex-worker, now back in Europe.
This gesture made my day!
F went on to say she was in Paris and thought of me, and she'd seen lots of gorgeous things, including the LV Exhibition.
Lucky thing.
How terribly thoughtful.
Thank you, F.
Here's lovely S, wearing her Flora at the Caloundra Ladies Oaks Day, today June 1st.
Thank you, S.

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