Wednesday, 13 June 2012


How great is this cross-stitch crafted Lady Gaga wearing the glitter lobster fascinator?
Well, I'm off to see Lady Gaga tomorrow night. I told the workers today, and they barely batted an eyelid.
Aren't they accepting?
No-one was really interested, to be honest.
I saw Gaga on Australia's A Current Affair, both interviewed and performing. I liked what I heard, she's on the
band-wagon against bullies. And she was sincere and convincing.
I am excited about being a 'little monster' tomorrow evening.
Here's Gaga, sporting her real version of the lobster.
I can't wait to see what her head is up to. I've got binoculars in tow.
There'll be no photos, she's strictly banned them.
Recently, she got cranky, because there are too many unflattering shots of her floating around the ridges.
Mind you, she's the bod who forgets, eerrr... undergarments and tries out masking tape crosses for modesty.
I'll have to do some drawings, then.
The details of how to order the Gaga cross-stitch craft patterns are below.
Get stuck in to cross-stitch this Winter!
 Finished size on 14 ct aida cloth: 10" x 6". Photograph depicts design stitched and completed on black aida cloth.
*No Postage! Begin Stitching Today!*Chart will be delivered via email in pdf format within 24 hours of receipt of order.
Document is printable with easy-to-read, colour symbols.
Please view other themed counted cross stitch designs.
You could visit the website:
Here's some more  of Jeff Koons' Versailles frippery.
I'll never get over seeing it.
Can't you imagine Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons,
knocking themselves out, having fun?
Speaking of good company, I'll be with one of Brisbane's 50 Best Dressed at Gaga.
But, lucky for me.
I discovered something quite unsettling at Chanel, when I snuck back in under false pretences, that,
 'I had to go to a haberdashery' on the weekend. 
Which is code for, I saw something at the shops I liked.
I apologise if I am too late with this news, because I think the three day sale is
There was no overt signage. That'd be rude.
But items of desire, at half-price!
Most discreetly marked down.
A sale on gorgeous shoes.
I think Coco, with her no-nonsense approach would be happy that stock was getting out to the masses.
Thanks to Chanel's business acumen,
The House of Flora now has a uniform shoe.
A elegant black satin, t-bar with ankle strap and a classic camellia attached at the heel.
It's a good thing I am gainfully employed.
And, not planning retirement anytime soon.
Going to Gaga's got me in a fashion quandary.
I've garnered a few House of Flora designs, that could compete (albeit mildly).
Above is an organic material and vintage cotton fabric Flora fleur, edited with smoke and mirrors Picassa3 frippery.
Below are Flora-on-of-a-Kinds that barely look like they do, so I won't caption the images.

Below is something that Lady Gaga could've worn this if she was watching the State of Origin Football game in Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia, tonight.
But instead, she's in Brisbane.
Tonight's another big game.
We Queenslanders fondly call the New South Welsh players, cockroaches.

There's no fashion quandary for her.
She seems to have an answer for everything.
The singer has instructed her designers to come up with a hat filled with cockroaches.
She’s grown fond of the insects since being informed of a study which proved they respond to
her music more than songs by any other artist.
A source said: “Lady Gaga has been looking to top her famous meat dress for some time — and this could be it".
She dubbed cockroaches ‘My real life monsters’ after hearing of the recent study.
Now she wants to incorporate them in a headpiece by having them crawling around inside a netted cage.”
Last year students in New York, who were studying the engineering and movements of cockroaches, played music to the insects to get them moving after they failed to respond to electric pulses.
I'm wondering if I should submit a design brief?

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