Monday, 18 June 2012

Obliteration by Dots

I've got a lot to thank the chalkface and its workers for.
Becoming knowing about things that I could have left otherwise unturned and unaffected by,
like the prolific work of artists like Yayoi Kusama.
The darling eighty-year-old Japanese artist, who for the last 36 years or so, has practised
out of a psychiatric unit in Japan.
Nevertheless, she's still managed an audience with Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton fame,
and Damien Hirst of that Young British Artist conceptual artist group, that I'll never come to terms with.
 I was at lunch with Mr Fascinata yesterday and he announced some changes about to take place
around the House of Flora.
He explained he wanted to par back a bit of stuff we had accquired, and he had a system.
He was going to put coloured dots on items that he felt had to go, that weren't up to
capacity, chipped, damaged or past their use-by.
The dots were to be colour-coded. Blue for one, meant that I had to get back to him, within 24 hours with a reason as to why it stays.
I hope this doesn't end up with a blue dot.
Even though it is getting on a bit.
Wonder if these'll get exited?
I've put a brighter bulb in the Poodle lamp, just-in-case.
I asked Mr Fascinata if he'd heard of Yayoi Kusama?
He said, 'No'.
I think he thought I was up to my usual frippery.
But I meant it.
Here's her painting Dots Infinity (2004)
Here's what she got up to at the Gallery of Modern Art for an interactive installation (2012), where she openly encouraged the workers to obliterate the white room and its white decor.
Here's a look at what's inside the kitchen cupboards.
Apparently our cupboards are in for it.
There's too many saucers that don't have cups for one.
Here's lovely Yayoi with Marc Jacobs from LV.
They were planning these.
Apparently soon to be released.
Gorgeous, lovelies.
Not everyone as happy with Yayoi as we are.
This latest Kusama installation accquisition by the Queensland Government has polarised the masses.
Thousands of Eyes is up outside the Courts building. It's too dear and the
thousands of disembodied eyes are not appropriate, opponents have cried.
Mark my words, if I know frippery, this piece is going to return our investment.
I'm predicting another Blue Poles type episode.
Thank you, Jackson Pollock.
Here's a nod to Kusama, a close up of a one of my favourite things, an Aboriginal Australian dot painting.
It's by indigenous artist Sandra Turner, who is from the Mt Leibig region in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The dot configurations denote bush tucker, including lotus buds and honey ants, there's also a fire going on and some food collection artifacts.
As a nod to Yayoi, here's some One-of-a-Kind Floras, juxtaposed against my friend S's figurative painting
with a dotty sun-hat.
And against Brisbane's blue sky.

And another.
And against Flora, pinned insitu at Montrachet.
Oh, why aren't you open on the weekends, lovely Montrachet?

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  1. what would we do without polka dots !!!!!!! i wake up in my polka dot PJs , climb out of my polka dot bed into the kitchen where i have my tea in a polka dot cup .lol lovely blog flora very entertaining especially the Mr Fasinator bits x