Thursday, 28 June 2012

Craft Up

Who would have thought Mr Fascinata's gift of the craft trollley could bring so much joy.
That it could yield so much.
There's nothing better on a cold and rainy day, than to craft.
Today, my old colleague T, came over for a session.
She was on borrowed time. She's busy, but can still schedule a bit of frippery.
Just like the old days, before she became a mother of two little lovelies.
Anyone who can still craft and look after others, certainly gets my vote.

The trolley holds all sorts of  mystery and magic.
It produces the likes of this:

I had a few moments before T's arrival.
I switched on a repeat episode of SATC.
After all, I am on term break.
The episode where Bunny's excited that Charlotte's planning a baby.
Bunny gives Charlotte one of her prized orchids, to demonstrate her excitement.
Good grief, as if she hasn't got enough to worry about.

Sadly, don't have much to show for this emotional investment anymore.
I also had time to find the Klimt serviettes.
I know T'll appreciate them.
Because she knows about Art.
I had a bit of time too, to place my $5 balsa Eiffel tower, in-situ.
I haven't had it out for ages. I love holidays, you have time to think.
It's tricked up with a couple of ribbons: Cartier, Chanel and a chocolatier in Paris (unkown source).
Here's a One-of-a-Kind Flora neckpiece.
It's been a crafty 24 hours.
Last night I fashioned up these slippers for a four month old baby.

Stay warm, Brisbanites.
Ferret out those winter woolies,
and any old knitting projects you haven't finished from last year.

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