Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pinned and Chuffed

This lovely feather fascinator adorning my niece E.L got 'pinned' by Flirty Feathers', to be honest, I am chuffed.
I am in good company, with the likes of:

These glamazons!
I'm flattered, thank you Flirty Feathers!
I'm also chuffed about my new Soles, glitter ankle boots!

Might be a bit  much with the JL minaudiere, but perfect with an under-stated garb.
They are from Upittee Boutique, Kedron Brook Road, Brisbane.
And they are seriously reduced.
There's a Mid-Season Sale on!
Get in there, girls.
The boots introduced a bit of sartorial drama into the chalkface.
Carefully juxtaposed against my grey wool 'eco-dress'.
I took plain black boots in, too, just-in-case I had a serious job to do, like an exam supervision, Physics perhaps.
Whereby, the boots could be endorsing a little too much frippery.
I got a shock when I looked closely at the floor in the boots' photograph, and realised it was time to call my niece K, again.
She arrived, PA prepared, with her latest hand-crafted critter and cyber-dreadlocks, did the steam-mopping
and vacuum like all get-go.
While I did this condensed milk caramel filled frippery.

When I should have been doing this.
The workers' paperwork.
Because during the day, I did this.
Caught up with Karl, at the Brisbane, Queen's Plaza Chanel Boutique.
I love those red-head mannequins.
It was lovely, but luckily, there was nothing I felt like I had to have. Relief.
The day also included lunch and afternoon tea, with A's company.

Isn't the crockery lovely at French Twist, in Paddington, Brisbane?

With this as our lovely view.
Did anyone else see this Christmas card from Chanel (2011)?
The icons hang on superfine nylon and they rotate!
Mr Fascinata got it for me when he purchased me a little something.
He always likes to get something for free if he's buying high-end.
Embarrassing, but good!
I suppose it's all relative, frankly, I don't think Mr Fascinata was all that thrilled when I pulled this pet friendly caper at the end of our Wedding reception last year!
I enjoyed the carte blanche experience of being a bride, I must say.
As a further nod to being 'pinned', I am floating this Flora-one-of-a-Kind, high in the blue sky of a Brisbane Winter high pressure system, it's been glorious.
It's a little felt disc, with a jewelled beetle, sequins, a grosgrain bow and some sculpted feathers.
The bow sits towards the front of the head.
Enjoy the long weekend.

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