Thursday, 7 June 2012

cREaTivE CafTaNs

Here's Camilla Franks' lovely caftan numbers, being showcased at a Fashion Week.
Camilla is Australia's Queen of the Caftan.
No argument, needed.
Here's Camilla (above) in the most gorgeous MAC Cosmetics Guinea fowl feather false eyelashes. There's a lot to admire about her, she's a fashion designer stalwart, an icon, who has stayed true to her cause: designing caftans
in 100s of permutations.
Year in, year out. They are quite divine.
Pattern, colour, print and beading.
I use Camilla as a bit of inspiration at the chalkface, to get the workers' creative mechanisms going.
Camilla is also not shy of feathery fascination.
She paraded these at Fashion Week, a while back.

Here's a Flora-one-of-a-Kind, Camilla Frank Show ready.
And here's the long-promised update for the Creative Caftans unit!
Above is the original 1970s pattern illustration.
Below is a heads up on how to split and spread, to increase fullness.

A fashion illustration on the potential of the 1970s icon.
A worker, nutting out some ideas.
On the Berninas.
And below, a Bernina, an oldie, but a goodie. Swiss-made, full metal parts, folks.
Makes a difference in the long-run.

Mood Board ruminations.

One of the workers has this striking purple georgette, with a self beading through the fabric. Nice.
Someone else is cleverly, coordinating their bugle beaded, silk habitue scarf  with their caftan fabric!
Below is an inspiration from Andy Warhol and his Pop Art frippery, almost like a dress made out of
soup can labels but it's olive oil! Healthy.

Pattern styling and laying out.

A dynamic fashion illustration.

The front band features.
A striking silk.

 Front and back band.

A clever split and spread of the sleeve pattern to make a huge puffed sleeve, with lace trim.

Camilla even does a mantan!
More lovely pieces from Camilla Franks.
What fabulous head-pieces, below.
 Seeing that the caftan workers are in exams at the minute, I've had a few seconds to draw breath.
I popped into the Library, and saw this.

 I can't tell you how much I love the place because it is up-to-the-minute!
The book display was all about the universe and astronomy, hence Venus' little transit.
Apparently this wasn't a nod to HRH, but it sure could've been. 
 The Transit of Venus display was up, and a live visual feed on the big screen in the main area.
 Home Economics cuteness was given pride-of-place.
 And as it's 2012, the Year of Reading was being showcased.
I can just hear the staff saying, Isn't this the case every year?
The staff are incredibly helpful, even when I was sneaking around taking these photos, someone popped over and sincerely asked me, if there's anything they could do?
What's not to love about a Library.


  1. *heart* the 70's. *heart* caftans. *heart* a good blend of colour, texture and feathery goodness!

  2. I know, we should knock one up each soon! We've probably got everything we need to do it in our stashes of fabric glory!