Friday, 29 June 2012

The Camellia Society

Today, I went to coffee and came back with my new muse, a present from a friend.
A favourite, of course, of Chanel's.
She apparently said, she ate them for breakfast.
I am nothing, if not predictable.

I stopped in at the best place in Brisbane to buy remnants of
cotton mesh, silk organzas and a Marc Jacob velvet spot.
The Fabric Store.
Also, got the most crisp, cream-coloured taffeta.

Here's a pink camellia from days gone by.
And, another. Tea stained and nostalgic.
Gone to a good home.
Winter, time for the Chanel scarf to have an outing; have to see those French lovelies
for advice on 'how to tie'.
Might need a scarf ring?

Here's Coco's nod to two of my favourite things.
Glitter + you know the rest.
Here's my own nod, bargain basement thrift, green and glittered, but nonetheless, convincing.
Swings and roundabouts.
Here's Kelly Jo Benjamin's hand-made glittered nod to the two Cs.
And on a more sobering note, Elizabeth L. Cline's book, Over-dressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.
I heard about if from that lovely blog, Splenderosa and its writer, Martha.
I've recommended it to the workers to read for our next textiles unit, Make Do and Mend.
 It's all about changing repurposing to necessity and not just philosophy.
Luckily, I've been a good example, the only trouble is in lieu of inexpensive fashion frippery,
I've hit the big end of town twice instead.
Chanel 50% reduced + the Goot's digital mastery.
Our boy from Sydney, Australia.
Not planning retirement, any-time-soon.
I'm just about to email one of the workers some support material to help him write his paper.
He's in Hong Kong on term break.
I like the diligence exhibited.
Luckily, I know better than to ask him to buy me a fake Chanel handbag.
Those days are o-v-e-r.
Take me away to the Camellia Society, Flora's next Hat Salon.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Craft Up

Who would have thought Mr Fascinata's gift of the craft trollley could bring so much joy.
That it could yield so much.
There's nothing better on a cold and rainy day, than to craft.
Today, my old colleague T, came over for a session.
She was on borrowed time. She's busy, but can still schedule a bit of frippery.
Just like the old days, before she became a mother of two little lovelies.
Anyone who can still craft and look after others, certainly gets my vote.

The trolley holds all sorts of  mystery and magic.
It produces the likes of this:

I had a few moments before T's arrival.
I switched on a repeat episode of SATC.
After all, I am on term break.
The episode where Bunny's excited that Charlotte's planning a baby.
Bunny gives Charlotte one of her prized orchids, to demonstrate her excitement.
Good grief, as if she hasn't got enough to worry about.

Sadly, don't have much to show for this emotional investment anymore.
I also had time to find the Klimt serviettes.
I know T'll appreciate them.
Because she knows about Art.
I had a bit of time too, to place my $5 balsa Eiffel tower, in-situ.
I haven't had it out for ages. I love holidays, you have time to think.
It's tricked up with a couple of ribbons: Cartier, Chanel and a chocolatier in Paris (unkown source).
Here's a One-of-a-Kind Flora neckpiece.
It's been a crafty 24 hours.
Last night I fashioned up these slippers for a four month old baby.

Stay warm, Brisbanites.
Ferret out those winter woolies,
and any old knitting projects you haven't finished from last year.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Holiday Frippery

I'm eternally grateful that I met Mr Fascinata when this part of his life was pretty-much-over.
Here's his idea of a holiday, a photo-collage from back in the day.
Extraordinary, isn't it?
Conceptually quite hard-core.
Mine's a bit different.
Today, I'm glad he thinks more like I do.
The chalkface is on term break for two weeks.
But can you imagine, I'm actually enjoying getting up at the crack to go to bootcamp?
The fact that I know I'm not going to work, makes it easier.
I know, I'll never get well.
Seriously, if you are not exercising, try to.

I'm not going anywhere for the break, but don't think I won't be b-u-s-y.
It's cold here in Brisbane, and if you are not caramelising and then
slow cooking cheap cuts of meat,
you're mad.
Try lentils, too.
Soak them first.
The rapid boil also heats up the kitchen.

And if you can't be bothered, just boil some frozen peas for the greens. Nothing wrong with that.
Get stuck into cruciferous vegetables, too.
Try to resist making the white sauce, with pecorino cheese.
Calling it the term break, not holiday,
relieves the need for questions like, what are you doing for your holiday?
Renovating? Writing? Travelling?
It's good for catching up with the reading list. Even, if you've read it all before.
The Vogue Living might actually get read, too.
It came with a back-issue of Vogue September 2011 (?).
Might draw the line at that time-wasting frippery.
Might spend the time productively, looking at this:
Wondering how those French lovelies manage to design a capsule wardrobe?
Might get down to the Embroiderers' Guild.
To actually start something lovely.
As for shopping malls, I will be avoiding that, like all get-out.
Too much has been invested in cuffs and other associated fripperies already.
There's not enough in-comings in Flora's business ins-and-outs.
No, I'm Not, Barbara Kruger.

I'll have time to have a really good look at Mabel McAllister's work.
I enjoyed introducing her to the workers at the chalkface.

You think you're busy?
Today, I'm fully booked, these two desperately require a bath, it's raining,
and it looks like I'll have to get the hair-dryer out to zhu-zhu them dry.
Stay warm and remember to soak the lentils.