Monday, 5 August 2013

Bottom of the Class

 To be honest that Random Weave workshop flummoxed me.
My droopy inflorescence palm fronds were all over the place and
despite good teaching, I couldn't sort the warp from the weft.
 When most others said they felt like humming songs while weaving,
I was feeling somewhat agitated.

 I came away with some kind of flat basket.
That I have since tricked up with a few silk one-of-a-kind Floras.
Smoke and mirrors.

 Since then I have had the good sense to
go back to what I do best.
Sculpting a black lace headpiece. 
 Could've have been inspired by the Dog of the Year.
He was fixated.

 In breaking news, the biggest Flora I have ever fashioned
might be heading to Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival: Brisbane.
It had to come back home to the house of Flora for a check over to
make sure it wouldn't fly off the mannequin's head during a quick turn.

 I'm excited.
And, remember, know your limitations.



  1. Hiya lovely. I think what you created is quite cool. It's ok, some things take more practice than others. I wouldn't have been able to do it to save my life. Your creations are wonderful. So cool about the show, well deserved!! I hope you have a great week doll :)) xx p.s. am going to try & get some pictures done this week while my husband is off work. :))))

  2. p.s.s. pictures that is of your beautiful creation you sent me, haha :)

    1. Hi Dainty! That'll be wonderful, intrigued as to what you may style with? Polka dots and Mary Janes? I wonder! :D!