Friday, 2 August 2013

Off the Spectrum

 It's been a week.
I've supported the Arts.
Indigenous dance company Bangarra's Blak.
As stirring as ever.

I have finally off-loaded Calico Capers for judging
on August 10, John Reid Pavilion at Brisbane's Ekka.
Come and watch the parade at 1.30pm.
Don't worry, I'll remind you.
It's all about showcasing the chalkface workers and their talents.
 The only trouble was, I didn't read the fine print.
And, ended up having to round up six chalkface models
to parade the garments.
All needing to be registered in a bit of a hurry.
Just made the deadline.
To say they are not enthusiastic would be a lie.
No new photos, I'll leave it till after judging.
If you don't mind.
 Sorted out the RSPCA's Annual Cupcake Fundraiser.
August 19 at the chalkface.
Funds to animals in need.

 Enrolled in another Weva Deva course!
At Northey Street City Farm.
Tomorrow at 9am!
It's called Random Weave.
And I've been hoarding this coconut seed branch from for almost a year.
It's escaped a few culls.
Mr Fascinata will no longer be asking,
 'What are you doing with that?'

 Keep watching. I'll be turning it into that basketry on the left of
the photo below:

 I've had unexpected mail.
From Cartier. No less.
Come down for a soiree.
Our shout. Nice.
 Finally evicted the painter.
The wait's been worth it.
 Road-tested the new, but heavily reduced Chanel pump.
Architectural nonsense, with CHANEL written on the heel.
I know, shameless.
 Spurred on the workers to keep going
with their final textiles project.
It's got a Make Do and Mend theme.
 Old school textile creativity.
 Tamed the House Model.
I know, sad, but there's no other option.
It's fraught with anxiety and now a bit calmer.
 The Dog of the Year has fallen foul of the placebo effect, by the looks.
What are you up to?


  1. Looks like a lot of things happening. Can't wait to see what becomes of the branches, looks very interesting!! These dogs are so precious, love their sleeping faces :))) Hope you have a wonderful weekend xxx

    1. I'll post the basket! It's quite amazing how Anaheke weaves her skills, hope I'm a quick learner! Take care. Xx

  2. Girl you are all over the place, you have so much on your plate! Good luck with the judging!!