Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Visual Diary and a One Day Mini Break

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. The chalkface's closed tomorrow.
It's the Queensland Show a.k.a the Ekka's day off. I've already peaked.
Spent the day there already with the Calico Capers.
Won't be repeating the experience.

I've got time to think and I'll be talking the day off at home.
Looking forward to spending a day in the room of my own.
Flora's Salon.

Harbouring all sorts of things.
With a door I can quietly shut.

A sequinned curtain.
T's crochet Poodle doorstop does it job when the shop's open.

Shelves made of Champagne boxes.
Make Do and Mend.
The odd hoarded shopping bag.
Floras still being fashioned.
These things take time.

The most expensive fabric in the world.
70% reduced but still nearly $1000/pm!
I bought a strip.
And will miss it when it's gone.
The Dog of the Year. Fixated.
 On this lovely purple and green Anthurium.
A complementary pair of hues.

Spring headpieces works in progress.
Dyed beaded lace.

Gorgeous frippery ready for the green light at The Hat Box.
Paris, Paris, Paris.
A reminder that this time next month; I'll be on my way.
Yes, I know.

Stay inspired.


  1. I always love your visual diaries because you own an arsenal of the most beautiful vintage pieces! I especially love the bag hoarding part! I hope you post tons of pics from Paris. I shall live vicariously through you!


    1. Rox! Great to see you today! Have no fear will regal everyone with Paris! I loved your turquoise wrap shoot, gorgeous photos. Lots of thoughtful messages too, in your narration. Xxx

  2. A crochet poodle door stop! My grandma had one of those!

    1. No!! You must get your hands on it! Mine's got an empty bottle of Pol Roger inside it!

  3. You'll be in Paris before you know it, how grand!! I love the piece you made that the card is by too, so cool :))) I hope the time sweeps by and your on that plane to Paris soon :)))) xx