Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pretty Violet Stain

 I've been dyeing lace, and my hands
I've spared you the second image.
A pretty violet stain.
A creative frenzy.
The house-keeping's in rack and ruination.

Don't forget to buy your cupcake on Monday.
For the RSPCA's fundraiser.

The workers at the chalkface are rallying to the cause.
I even had one lovely turn up a week early to help.
I know.
I've started this Spring frippery.

 Using the most expensive fabric I have ever bought.
 The zhu zhu'd mesh.
Don't forget the RSPCA.
Flora's Spring frippery will be at The Hat Box, soon.
Feel free to make enquiries.
Thank you, Lovelies.


  1. These are watching fabrics getting turned into different pretty. Your most expensive fabric is stunning, love that!! I hope your weekend was bliss & your new week will be even better xx

  2. Love that violet! Is that a toy poodle? I have one. He has anxious tendencies and is very expensive. Although is also very cuddly.

    1. Dear Housewife in Heels, thank you for visiting, and asking about my poodle who is mini size! He to is very anxious and completely blind. He lives a quality life though!