Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Hills are Alive

 Come inside.
Design Challenge number 4:
A UFO, reworked.
Gold lace and orange silk.
With a crystal embellishment.
 On a little fitted base.
 I won't lie to you.
I am leaving town.
 Going to the Adelaide Hills, just out of Adelaide in South Australia.
The Hills will be alive with the sounds of wine-tasting.
It's the closest thing Australia has to Europe.
 It's going to be fresh.
10 - 16 degress Celsius.
This Queenslander will be wearing thermals under all that glamour.
 Don't panic. The Dog of the Year will be well loved.
And his counterpart.
My niece's arrived.
But the Design Challenges will have to stall.


See you in a few days, lovelies.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pop on a Poodle Print

Brisbane weather's lovely at the minute.
Big blue skies of high pressure systems.
You're mad if you don't pop on a Poodle scarf
and hair frippery.

Design Challenge number 3:
Tea stained and pale pink hued cotton camellias.
With a spotted net veil.

Stay chuffed.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Darling, Hearts

 Thank you for the love, darling hearts.
You know who you are.
Day 2 Challenge:
Reworked black flocked rose with heart veil.
Hand beaded embellishments in turquoise.


Monday, 24 June 2013

One a Day

 I'm in love with a bunch of polyester flowers.
Can you tell?

 I saw these the day Mr Fascinata (in golfing absentsia) bought the House of Flora
new lounge cushions.
And, this holiday has seen me able to go in and get a bunch.
Tricked up with water in the vase.
Smoke and mirrors.
 In, or out?

That sheer polyester beauty has seen a spike in Flora's studio output.
These materials laid out, at the ready. 

 Channelling a bit of Carolyn Quartermaine with that mark-maker paper background.
 I moulded a piece of guipure lace. That piece of foam equals the corner
of someone's forehead.

 Continued the venture, back inside. Me and the remote control.

 Stay poised; I am going to try to do one creative frippery per day.
While the chalkface is away.