Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Touch of Green

I'm off to a party this weekend, the dress code asks for a 'touch of green'.
This emerald corsage is for the lovely host. 

To be honest I love a thermo-plastic fibre.
How are you going with digging out your old accessories?
I'm remembering to.
Wore this patina'd old cuff to the chalkface this week.
Offset with a $10 leopard cardigan from chainstore Big W.

Commandeered this abstract from hitting the bin today at the chalkface.
Then found it was someone's paint palette.
I like it, a lot.
Mr Fascinata's jury is still out.

 Lucky for the carte blanche decor rule in the guide book
to a happy marriage.
 Had incoming mail this week from the Embroiderers' Guild.
The Guild want me back! How lovely. I'll be at the Mother's Day Craft Fair.
You should be, too.
Hold off buying anything for your mums, until you go to the Fair.
Make it a family day out.
There's the most exquisite handcrafted pieces.

Get it on the calendar. Asap.
 My parcel from feather.com arrived.
I don't what came over me to order those feathered eyelash frippery.
This is the House of Flora's studio's new window curtain.
The dappled light's quite lovely.

 It's been a wet weekend and wet couple of days.
The Dog of the Year has cabin fever.
Don't forget mark the 28th April for the Mother's Day Craft Fair.
 Stay exuberant and grateful, now.



  1. I love that green flower!!!!
    Besos, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you, Marcela. Your fashion and design collations are extraordinaire! x