Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Commissioned Flora Decor

It's still grey here.
Raining on and off.
Not much else to say.
But a while back I commissioned one of the ex-workers to make me
this Flora directed textile collage.
I suppose I was a bit like Jeff Koons bossing his way in and around art.
Directing his workers to make Puppy's nonsense or Balloon Dog's poufs.
She used all sorts of beautiful lace.
Here's some lace and beaded tulle wonder artfully arranged on that old pine cupboard
with one broken leg that Mr Fascinata put a coloured dot against:
Remove or show cause.
It's now a House Prop actively engaged.

 Scissored and dyed.
 Pieced together. Arranged.

To make two canvasses.
Here's a close up.
Nice, aren't they?
Pasted, varnished and tinted.

Got a favourite piece of fabric you can hang?
In other news, I'm going all out on Auslan, people.
There's no key, you have to learn a language yourself.
I'm back in a one hour per week workshop
with fellow workers.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't really enjoy it!
Deliberately sat next to the smartest worker in the class.
Apart from fashioning frippery, it's my year's bent.
This is not a sign I want to be wearing out with use.
Keep on top of everything.
Get cracking, people.


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