Sunday, 24 February 2013

Harem Panting and wOrKsHoPpinG

 I'd be lying to you I said I didn't love a good harem pant.
So, when my friend T turned up with these
 before our our sewing bee together on Saturday I was pretty chuffed.
Got to it straight away and styled them with a sensible black jacket and
a couple of Flora-One-of-a-Kinds.
 Not sure where their 100% rayon, silky, paisley goodness
will take me, but I'll let you know.
 T and I spent the day crafting eco-bags out of painted canvasses.
Trialing a project for the workers.
We loved it, anyway.
 Here's T's lovely posture at the Janome.
She's also in the harem pant uniform.
 One of the workers painted this giraffe.
I loved it.
 Here's the canvasses laid bare.

 This field of poppies gets my People's Choice Award.
 I stitched a bit of mane hairiness on that said giraffe.

 T's jumbo surrealist eco-shopper was the bag o' the day.

 Blew a bit of dust out of the 35 year old Bernina.
Got stuck into mane stitching for Leo.
 And got carried away trying to interpret a stitched Flora on this painted portrait.
 This is a section of T's red surrealist peacock, as below.
On her large eco-bag.
Could scare a few shoppers out of the checkout queues.
 Fun and free therapy! Thanks, T!
Highly recommended. Do have anything you can make into something?
Need advice? Let us know!

 Pooped now.


  1. Super, love these ideas!! Harem pants are relaxing, I wear them when I'm vegging in my house :))) I hope you have a super week doll xxx