Sunday, 17 February 2013

I've Missed You

 To be honest, I've missed the House of Flora, this week.
I've had no time for fashioning frippery.
Once the 113 page pdf arrived from Deaf Services Queensland
giving me the heads up for my Auslan course this weekend,
I was under the pump.
Knowing my brain is pretty much a sieve when it comes to rote-learning.

 There's no exam. Rest assured.

 We did learn a comprehensive vocabulary.

I took some notes.  I was find out this:
 This really means it's important for us to learn Auslan if you are so inclined.
Thank goodness I learnt the signing alphabet before the course.
Because, can I say, when I kept forgetting the signs for words and phrases.
It got me out of trouble.
 The studio hasn't had a look in.
 You'll have to put up with re-runs.
 No Valentine's Day post either, had so many plans.
Red things in heart dishes.
You know.

 Meant to post this week's calendar frippery.
Love this red piece.
Took the red vinyl Philip Treacy out for a shoot.

Happy Monday to you.


  1. Happy Monday doll!! I remember learning sign language when I was in school, I should really re-learn it as it's a very important skill to have. The calendar is so pretty. I hope you have a gorgeous week!! xxx

    1. Isn't the calendar amazing! There's almost a hat per day! I love it! One of the librarians at the chalkface gave it to me! I was amazed to learn at the Auslan class that around 95% of Deaf babies are born to hearing parents, another important reason to learn signing, to support parents who might not sign that well at the start. You should revisit the language. :) x

  2. HOW WONDERFUL! I have always wanted to learn this lovely language! AND Thank you so much for leaving a comment today! I will be back in about 2 weeks. It is so nice to see you! Anita

  3. Flora I had to look up that sign for 'cat', I've not seen it used before. Remind me to show you another, more commonly used one :-)

  4. KR, I will. I am going to make a concerted effort to start learning signs, promise you. X