Friday, 1 February 2013

Bright Ideas

 How are you off for bright ideas?
Apart from the absolute genius of the artificial turf, I'm spent right now.
The chalkface's got them all.

Trotted off last night to Bright Learning's roof wetting.
A.k.a the opening of paint fresh new premises
at 3a, 54 Vernon Terrace, Tenerrife.
Bright Learning is an institution for personal development courses.
And a corporate function venue.
It's run by two fabulous young things.
Spent a bit of time talking to Debbie, a neuropsychologist
who is going to run an improve your memory course in February.
Was embarrassed when I left because I'd forgotten her name!
Point taken.
She's got tips for how to improve this!
 I popped on the net and sequined trimmed Akira.
Impossible to sit down in, because the sequins do all sorts of things
to the derriere.
Easy to tear.
Not a frock for the faint-hearted.
 Bright Learning has some fun decor, as well as excellent courses.
Yes, this plush looking leather Chesterfield style chair is blow-up.
Just squeeze the air out and pack it away.
 Love this floating table.
 And their book shelves have really set me off.

 Should I try it, as below?
 Or, is it time wasting frippery?
Who's doing it out there?
Tell me?
To be honest, without some sort of cataloguing system, I can't find
a thing anyway. Maybe colour coding will trigger my ability to find the book I'm
looking for?
 This was one of the caterer's platters!
Baby toffee apples!
 Delicious catering. It truly was.
 Everyone's on the band-wagon at the minute and trying to
be more accountable with money.
Needless to say, no-one's bought me this Gucci scarf.
I whipped this purple leopard number on this week,
I hadn't worn it for about two years.
Shocking, I know. Got it out of the archives.
 Still working with a blue hue, Flora-wise.
Sick of not having a permanent house model.
I mean, really, these conditions.
 Keep creative and bright and if you are short of it,
get on to the girls at Bright Learning.


  1. What a wonderful write up Flora! Thank you.

    It was so lovely to meet you at our launch and i'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

    Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.


    1. Wishing you two lovelies continuing success! Heard people raving about how much they've enjoyed your courses already! Love your new digs! X